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Fashion & Decoration - Strasbourg
Le Fou du Roi [The King’s Jester] (contemporary creations) - 4 rue du Faisan, Strasbourg
Françoise Klein has a diploma from the School of Fine Arts of Nancy in the east of France. She lives in Strasbourg and she has been working to create mobiles for 10 years. These works are unique and entirely handmade by the artist. They are dated and signed on one of the spheres forming the mobile.

Mémé en Autriche [unusual decorative objects] - 10 rue Ste Madeleine, Strasbourg
A selection of coloured, funny, slightly kitsch products in several decorative forms: kitchenware, crockery, lights, travelling items and stationery.

Arts et Collections d’Alsace [Art and Collections of Alsace]
4 place du Marché-aux-Poissons, Strasbourg
By providing work for the weavers and printers of French textiles and local potters and engravers for the last 16 years, come hell or high water, Arts et Collections d’Alsace [Art and Collections of Alsace], wants to support the idea of know-how "made in France" and, where it is still possible, "made in Alsace".

feUn Noël en Alsace [Christmas in Alsace]- 10 rue des Dentelles, Strasbourg
Traditional decorations made of lace, pewter, carved wood, pieces of silver birch, Christmas pyramids, Christmas cribs and ornamental figures, collectors’ clowns, etc.

Poterie d’Alsace [Pottery of Alsace] - 3 rue des Frères, Strasbourg
A wide range of pottery, combining traditional items and modern creations. Hélène Mahler presents a rich collection that is regularly renewed, and is selected from the works of the best potters of the region.

Petite Emilienne [haberdashery] - 21 rue Ste Madeleine, Strasbourg
This shops boasts Liberty Of London products, Japanese importations, original fabrics, traditional and Japanese haberdashery and also has a garment making service.

Shopping itineraries - Strasbourg

Visit Strasbourg by means of themed itineraries: a good way of discovering the city and its districts!

Decoration and Art Itinerary
Rue du Faisan : Le Fou du Roi
Rue Ste Madeleine : Mémé en Autriche
Quai des Bateliers : L’Estampe

Fashion Itinerary
Rue du Dôme : One Step - La Fée Maraboutée
Rue du Temple Neuf : Lola - J-P Gaultier (Marie-Rose)
Rue de la Mésange : Escada - Sonia Rykiel - Hermès - Sandro - Marithé + François Girbaud
Rue du Vieux-Marché-aux-Poissons : Kenzo - Ventilo - Zapa
Rue du Dôme : Paule KA
Rue Ste Madeleine : Signe du Temps - Magdalena
Petite Rue de l’Eglise : Ultima
Rue de l’Epine : Algorithme - L’Appartement
Rue de l’Ail : Gloss
Rue des Sœurs : I.T.O. (“Idées Textile et Objet”- Textile Ideas and Objects)

Gastronomic Itinerary
Rue Mercière : Christian
Rue des Orfèvres : Naegel - Frick Lutz - Fromagerie Lohro
Place du Temple Neuf : Porcus
Rue du Temple Neuf : Mulhaupt - Au Millésime (wines)
Rue de la Mésange : Artzner
Rue des Dentelles : Mireille Oster

Gastronomy - Strasbourg

Marché des Producteurs [Farmer’s Market], every Saturday - Place du Marché-aux-Poissons
Marché de la Montagne et de l’Artisanat [Mountain and Arts and Craft Market], every Saturday - Place du Temple-Neuf

Delicatessens, confectioners, and traditional chocolate makers

Déclinaison Chocolat [chocolate in all of its varieties] - 6 rue du Fossé des Tailleurs, Strasbourg
Stéphane Gross: a master chocolate maker who also has a chocolate bar

Pâtisserie Heiligenstein [The Heiligenstein Cake Shop] - 20 rue Kuhn, Strasbourg
Stéphane Heiligenstein: a master chocolate maker, offering chocolate for diabetics, etc.

Pain d’Epices [a manufacturer of gingerbread, chocolates and jams] - 14 rue des Dentelles, Strasbourg

La Boutique d’Antoine Westermann [Antoine Westerman’s Shop] - 1 rue des Orfèvres, Strasbourg
The shop of the renowned Michelin starred chef.

Au Vieux Gourmet [a traditional gourmet cheese dairy] - 3 rue des Orfèvres, Strasbourg
Cyrille Lorho: a cheese maker.

Thierry Mulhaupt (a confectioner and chocolate maker) - 18 rue Vieux Marché aux Poissons, Strasbourg

Christian Meyer (cake shop) - 10 rue Mercière, Strasbourg


Fashion & Decoration - Mulhouse
100X ni l’oie [the latest collections of Julie Lacour, a clothes designer and stylist] - 23 Passage des Augustins, Mulhouse
Customized clothes and accessories, designed by Julie Lacour.
Opening hours: from Wednesday to Friday from 3 pm to 7 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am to 12 noon and from 1 pm to 7 pm.

Boutique du Musée d’Impression sur étoffes [The Shop of the Cloth Printing Museum] - 14 rue J.J. Henner, Mulhouse
A huge range of major brand products for the home and its interior (tablecloths and tea towels made by Le Jaquard Français, Guy Untereiner, and Arts et Collections d'Alsace [Art and Collections of Alsace]), Capari paper product ranges, new editions from the Museum, as well as all kinds of decorative objects can be found here.
Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 12 noon and from 2 pm to 6 pm.

Boutique du Zoo [The Zoo Shop] - 51 rue du Jardin Zoologique, Mulhouse
Cuddly toys, original animal-themed clothing and sculptures made with recycled products such as flip-flops lost on beaches, fruit juice cartons and traps collected in Africa, etc. are all to be found here.
Part of the profits from the sale of these products is donated to conservation operations (the protection of polar bears, AIDS prevention etc.)

All of the addresses are available on: :

Gastronomy - Mulhouse

Marché du Canal Couvert [The Covered Canal Market] - Regional specialities, seasonal products, this gathering provides an appetizing variety of products...Le Marché du Canal Couvert [The Covered Canal Market] is a friendly place for exchanges and for meeting people.
Days of opening: on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7am, on Saturdays and the day before public holidays from 6 am.

Delicatessens, confectioners and chocolate makers

Pâtisserie Hefter [The Hefter Cake Shop] - 27, passage central, Mulhouse
A wide range of fruit cakes, ice creams, Yuletide logs, chocolates, “panettone” (brioche made with dry fruit and the zests of citrus fruits) and “kugelhopf” (an Alsatian brioche speciality).

La Chocothèque [a chocolate shop] - 7 place de la réunion, Mulhouse
The shop was opened in 1984 and offers a vast range of chocolates, fine sugar almonds, sweets and gourmet gifts.

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