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La boutique des Artisans [The Craftsmen’s Shop] - 7, rue du Salut, Aurillac
La boutique des Artisans [the Craftsmen’s Shop]has been located in the pedestrianized centre for 10 years and presents the most recent creations made by the region’s craftsmen and artists in a pleasant and friendly setting.

La Dinanderie d’Auvergne [The Copperware Shop of Auvergne] 
There are 2 shops at the following addresses: 3, Avenue Gambetta in Aurillac and Pont de Salemagne in Jussac.
Visitors will be able to discover: goods made from traditional tin-plated copper with a patina finish, hammered pewter, and different articles from our cultural heritage. The company has been awarded the “Living Heritage Company” Classification.

Le Don du Fel [a renowned contemporary ceramics centre] - Le Fel  
This is the European centre of contemporary ceramics founded by an international artist Suzy Atkins and her husband Nigel. They promote ceramic creations through the exhibitions of different artists and le Festival de Sculpture Céramique [the Festival of Ceramic Sculpture].

y((yL’Aurillac parapluie [The Aurillac Umbrella] - Boutique Piganiol 28 rue des Forgerons, Aurillac ou
Aurillac is the European capital of umbrellas. A unique registered model, the Aurillac, bears the name of the town. The umbrella is made by the House of Piganiol in particular, the oldest umbrella manufacturer in Aurillac, which was founded in 1884.

Coutellerie Chambriard [Chambriard Cutlery] - 2, place de l'Hôtel de ville, Thiers
Knives have been a speciality of Thiers since the 13th century. Trust the century of know-how of these master craftsmen to find the knife that you were yearning for.

Le Jardin de mon grand père [a perfume maker] - 6, place Claude Erignac, Aurillac
An independent creator and maker of perfumes, original compositions, essences, toilet waters, eau de Cologne and fragrances for the home, amber-based and solid perfumes.


Marché traditionnel d’Aurillac [The Traditional Market of Aurillac] - place de l’Hôtel de Ville      
When it takes place: on Wednesday and Saturday mornings (the biggest market is the one held on Saturdays).
Visitors will be able to bring back all the great regional products from this friendly and festive market that have been grown by local farmers and made by regional craftsmen, from salt meats to cheeses to bread.

Chez Favre [a master chocolate maker and confectioner] - 11, rue des Carmes, AURILLAC
A maker of chocolates and other original delicacies, using quality products such as: “les folidous” (toffees), “les cailloux de la Jordanne” (named after the Jordanne, the river which runs through Aurillac) and “les lauzes des Burons” (named after stone buildings located in the mountain meadows, that accommodate the cowherd and the cows which provide the milk used for cheese making).

Noël Cruzilles [a master confectioner] - 226 avenue Jean Mermoz, Clermont-Ferrand
Noël Cruzilles continues the tradition of master confectioners and selects his products to make fruit jellies, jams and his marrons glacés which will delight your taste buds.

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