Fashion & Decoration Le Boudoir de Chloé Boudoir [ready-to-wear women’s clothing] - 15, rue de Bertrand -
The shop's interior is a small, private, stylish and feminine room. Those who are fashion lovers will be able to indulge themselves in this new, baroque and cosy boutique: it offers sweet coloured, audacious, glamorous and creative clothes.

Art Twenty [20th century Art Deco furniture] - 12, rue Baudrairie -
A specialist in furniture and 20th century Art Deco objects, this shop is a veritable treasure chest in the centre of the Rue Baudrairie. You will find original items there dating from 1900 to 2000. 

Perfumes and cosmetics
y"rLostmarc'h [a perfume maker whose fragrances have evocative names] - 17 rue Hoche -
A Breton brand of perfumes, cosmetics and household products. It will invite visitors to go on a poetic and elegant journey in Brittany through various fragrances and images, such as “the return to the beach” or “a stroll on the moor”.


Shopping Itineraries Quartier Bouffay [Bouffay District]:
Inspirations is the boutique of Nathalie Deniau-Million. She is the designer of hand-painted mosaics, glassware and porcelain, paintings and collages. Also available in the shop: a huge collection of jewellery made by designers from Nantes.
Mille Terres Mille Fleurs [a women’s clothing and accessories shop] , Isabelle Girardeau’s boutique, offers jewellery, accessories and creations. Here you will find creations made by designers from Nantes such as Véronica Alvarez (jewellery made from seeds), Nathalie Elbaum (lamps and mirrors), etc.
Kezaly, is the workshop boutique of Claire Ploquin, the designer of ready-to-wear women’s clothing, original and coloured accessories, personalized made-to-measure garments, etc.
In her boutique workshop Maï Baeg, Nathalie Charradeau makes leather bags and small leather goods... that are quite simply authentic! Visitors will find shoes there which are traditionally made by Julie Pillet (the shop opens on Saturdays at 3 pm).

ok,lQuartier Viarme [Viarme-Talensac District] :
Atelier Deverson [the Deverson Workshop]where Virginie, a designer of "contemporary" jewellery, imagines and creates her principal collections made from silver and ebony ... unique pieces (rings, bracelets, etc.) which are reasonably priced (from €40).
In the workshop boutiqueTse-Meng, Solange, a leather goods designer, makes flawless traditional-style leather bags and accessories, priced from €45 to €250 (open on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm).
At L'Atelier du Tissu [the Fabric Workshop], Mila Braudey presents extravagant and classic style medium and top-of-the range fabrics. And recently, exhibitions of textile art have also started to be displayed there (open on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm).
Art'H'Pied [Hugo’s Artistic Footwear]: Hugo Lambert makes the patterns, sews, assembles and sells graphic, comfortable and colourful shoes, in this workshop, situated at the far end of a courtyard.

Quartier Commerce - Royale [Royale-Commerce District]:
In his workshop boutique, Stéphane Hervé, the stylist-designer of women’s ready-to-wear clothing prefers using natural fabrics to create feminine and very well-shaped garments. Haute couture is at home in Nantes!
In her boutique, Marie Rebérat, the stylist from Nantes, experiments with different materials, superposed images, colours and accessories, bringing to life unique designs and a brand which is developing...

Quartier Graslin-Dobrée [Graslin-Dobrée District]:
Boutique Idéogram, a graphic gallery and a book shop created on the initiative of Sébastien and Yannick. Visitors are guaranteed to fall in love with the works of local publishers and artists which are showcased in this shop in addition to: books, stationery, posters, toys, colouring books, etc.
Ma Baïta, a boutique in which Caroline devotes a substantial amount of space to creators from Nantes such as Atal, who makes papier mâché hens, Nathalie Fonteneau who makes cushions etc. (open on Saturdays at 3 pm).
Hattitudes, a workshop boutique where Noëlle Le Guennec, a milliner, will welcome and allow you to discover the chic, understated, extravagant and coloured hats she has made. And why not buy a made-to measure one?



uhyjLa Verrerie de Bréhat [the Glassworks of Bréhat] - La Citadelle Ile de Bréhat [The Citadel, the Island of Bréhat]
The company has recently been established on l'île-jardin de Bréhat [the Garden Island of Bréhat], a landscaped tourist jewel in the Côtes d'Armor (in Brittany). Although they are situated on an island and are isolated, the glassworks are innovative and dynamic. For several years they have been rapidly developing and produce limited-series decorative objects or unique top-of-the-range items.

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