Fine food from the north to the south of France

Fine food from the north to the south of France

Discover French cuisine by exploring original opportunities offered by the producers.

Often you will find that cheese dairies and the ageing cellars offer tours followed by a cheese tasting. It is generally possible to buy the produce on site.

In the network  "Bienvenue à la ferme" (Welcome to the farm), farmers welcome the tourists on to their farms and offer different types of meal: farmhouse inn (traditional meal with dishes using local food and produce grown directly on the farm) or a farm tea and direct sales of their products.

The "Sites remarquables du goût" (Remarkable sites for food):
Around a hundred sites have grouped together to promote their products and the traditions surrounding them: the salt marshes in Guérande, the oyster farms in Marennes, the Wine Route in Alsace, wines from Saint - Emilion, meat from Salers, olives from Nyons and more. Presentations and explanations about how they are prepared and or manufactured are usually followed by a tasting, which is always greatly appreciated. Culinary discovery is a great pretext for going off to explore the land, and get to know the inhabitants and what they produce.

Also very much in fashion at the moment are cooking lessons. Many chefs offer private lessons, which are sometimes given by some of the big names in cuisine actually in their restaurant, and are intended for novices as well as experienced professionals: just choose the appropriate formula.
In small groups, you can prepare dishes with the help and advice of the chef. The lesson often ends with a convivial lunch or dinner. As these lessons are very successful and popular, it is advisable to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

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ddddddddddEnjoy the delicious food from the north of France
France can be compared to a huge gourmet buffet, which would do Gargantua proud, with a wide selection of all sorts of traditional produce from unique regions.

dddddddddddddTaste the delicious food from the south of France
You are cordially invited to discover these tastes which will take you deep into the heart of the history and geography of the land of taste.

Over the centuries, France has built up an exceptional culinary tradition. In fact, our country is a real gourmet buffet where each region and each area proudly displays its specialities, its products and its culture. Everything is based on traditional products of very high quality, resulting in simple, honest cooking, full of flavour and seasonal aromas. Above all, it is the taste of real, authentic good food, and the proof of traditional produce from the land.

On the culinary stock exchange, local produce and flavours are taking off. The dishes inspired from all the regional culinary heritage are in vogue. Above all, good food comes from the heart and the land. It is a pleasure to be shared intimately between the person who chooses and prepares the products and dishes and the lucky guest whose arduous task is to taste and enjoy. What you have to know is that before it gets on to the plate, this happy outcome has been lovingly cooked, and before that, the produce has been cleverly and skilfully prepared by the guardian angels of tradition.

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