The French Riviera

The French Riviera


Fashion & Decoration

L'Ile aux Fées (fashion) -
8 rue Benoît Bunico -
Young designers committed to environmentally-friendly shopping can be discovered here. The essence of their designs focuses on dressing differently for a better world.

Elisabeth Contal (jewellery) - 16 rue de la Liberté -
A celebration of stones, colours and metals for unique creations which are suitable for all women.

La galerie des galets [decorative objects] - 5 rue Antoine Gautier -
This shop with a pretty name that is reminiscent of the French Riviera has an original decor and boasts a range of original and unique creations which stand apart.

Stéphanie Marin Design - 32 ave Henry Dunant impasse Laurenti -
ApFollowing her famous “Livingstone” pebble cushions, the designer Stephanie Marin has surprised us once again with her  “mobile shadows”, that cast a luminous glow as they filter light through their translucent voile.

Shopping itineraries 

Antique dealers:
A hundred or so shops will welcome you between the port and the Avenue Ségurane:  antique dealers, second-hand markets and art galleries will help you to picture the ideal interior. A brochure will make it easier to follow the tour.

Major brands: The majority of major luxury and ready-to-wear-clothing brands are situated around the pedestrianized streets which go from the Rue de Verdun to the Avenue Jean Médecin.

The shops of le Vieux-Nice [Old Nice]: countless souvenir, handicraft and clothing shops line all the streets in the old town.

There are also shopping centres uch as Nice Etoile (Avenue Jean Médecin), Cap 3000 (St Laurent du Var) Galeries Lafayette (Place Masséna and Cap 3000) Nice TNL (quartier de Riquier) [Riquier District], etc. which group together  all of the shopping outlets in the same place.

pMarché aux Fleurs [The Flower Market]          
Open every day except Mondays from 6 am to 5.30 pm - Cours Saleya.
The Cours Saleya is one of the liveliest places in Vieux-Nice [Old Nice]. While it is an absolute must for tourists, it is above a meeting place for the locals. Le Marché aux Fleurs [The Flower Market] is held there from 6 am to 5.30 pm except on Mondays. Take in the subtle fragrances of flowers often originating from the hills around Nice which are dominated by the perfume of mimosa in the winter.


Boutique et Moulin à Huile Alziari [The Alziari Shop and Oil Mill] - 14 rue Saint François de Paule -
This company was founded in Nice in 1868 and is an institution. The tradition of the olive oil miller continues in the shop where the products are carefully selected. The tasting of a variety of olives, olive oils and olive pastes will allow visitors to choose the products which best suit them.  It is possible to visit the 19th century mill.

Auer -  7 rue Saint François de Paule -
Auer have been chocolate makers and confectioners through the generations since 1820.  This Florentine-style shop is a delight for the taste buds and the eyes. The “Auer Gourmet” part of the shop will also allow visitors to have something to eat.

Confiserie Florian [Florian Confectionery] - 14 quai Papacino -
These specialists of fruit and flower-based confectionary have been increasing their range of products and services for more than fifty years.

Patisserie Chocolaterie « Lac » [The Lac Cake and Chocolate Shop] - 18 rue Barla
Pascal Lac, who was awarded the title of “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (best craftsman in France], has opened one of the best shops in the city. He offers creations which are sometimes astonishing but always delicious.


Shopping itineraries  

It is often said, and with good reason, that Cannes is the extension of the Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris.
Haute couture, jewellery, leather goods, beauty salons and decoration shops endlessly follow one another. The most major French and international brands are represented here, some of them for decades, others just recently. This is a sign that more than ever Cannes is a key shopping venue.

Truly the flagship of shopping in Cannes, the Rue d'Antibes runs parallel to La Croisette, and is distinguished by its more ‘urban’ elegance enhanced by recent renovations. Its adjacent streets, of which some have been pedestrianized, encourage visitors to stroll around and discover its smart boutiques.

lThe Rue Meynadier reveals another facet of Cannes, which is just as attractive as the one previously described.  This is the realm of genuine neighbourhood shops.  Clothing and food stores stand side by side with shops selling Provençal specialities, in an area reserved solely for pedestrians.

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