Loire Vineyards

Loire Vineyards

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The originality of the loire wines lies within the grapes search: "the melon de Bourgogne" and "folle blanche" for the Nantes area wines.

The 68 -AOC wines of the Loire are both the most enjoyable wines and the most simple one.

In Anjou, Saumur and Touraine keep it on the chenin grapes, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon and gamay.
The Touraine makes special wines on the basis of sauvignon blanc. A unique assortment worldwide for a series of wines as diverse as original.

The Loire wines are wines with an excellent price-quality, but also let flavours mature after a few years rust in a wine cellar.
Quality and fun go on to the cultural quality of this wine. It's been two thousand years an area where man and nature harmoniously coexist. The projection of famous castles as Chambord, Chenonceau and Amboise and the vineyards in the longest 'untamed' river of Europe you will not soon forget…


The Wine of the Loire, 800 kilometres longest wine is like a tour of France with real gems: the vineyards along the Loire, the castles and other specific monuments. You can use this area to get to know your own way: by car through the vineyards along the roads, on foot or bicycle on the country between vineyards by, from a barge on the Loire, through pleasant gastronomic packages. The third wine from France regarding the production of AOC wines is open to everyone.

Go to www.vinsdeloire.eu to organize your holiday and expedition with the 300 cellars of the Loire!

These wineries have signed a quality rules charter and will welcome you.

The first weekend of September is the sign of the encounter between wine lovers and wine producers during Vines festival, Wines & Walking


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