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nbTLSE  -   11 rue du Lieutenant Colonel Pélissier or 7 rue des Tourneurs
TLSE is the brand of the inhabitants of Toulouse! The 2 leading brands TLSE and Ville Rose by TLSE focus on themes which are symbolic of the city, but without being reduced to souvenir status. They establish the extent to which a city as dynamic as Toulouse can make people passionate and creative. These collections are like the magnificent Occitan city: lively, relaxed, young, sporting and dynamic.

Péniche « Maison de la Violette » [an equipped barge which is devoted to violets] - Opposite 2 Boulevard Bonrepos on the Canal du Midi.
An original and essential stopping place for visitors on board a traditional barge where they can discover the world of the authentic violet, the emblematic flower of Toulouse. In the middle of a permanent historic exhibition, visitors can smell, test and taste all of traditional, home-made, innovative products made from violets.

La Fleurée de Pastel [Shop selling products made from woad] - Hôtel Delfau – 20 rue de la Bourse
An original stopping place for those who would like to see and learn about genuine woad of Toulouse, which made the city wealthy in the 15th and 16th centuries, and take home or offer a unique “blue” souvenir. Here visitors will discover a building which is typical of Toulouse's "pastellière" architecture (a style of architecture which was very present in region’s woad-producing areas). Within its shop, they will be able to choose from silks, jewellery, books, natural cosmetics, decorative objects, water-colours, inks and paintings made using the blue dye extracted from woad.

L’Espace Stade Toulousain Rugby [The Stade Toulousain Rugby Club Sales Outlets] - 75 rue Alsace Lorraine
Situated in the city centre, these 2 boutiques are dedicated to the famous Stade Toulousain Rugby Club and showcase urban and modern collections: “rugby” and “golf ” themed clothing for men, women and children. While supporters will be tempted by the “official products" range, shopping addicts on the other hand will appreciate the limited editions, the wide variety of trendy ready-to-wear clothing and the choice of accessories.

Shopping itineraries

Toulouse, the city with many facets, offers a wide range of shopping itineraries.

efAround the very lively Place Wilson you will begin an itinerary centred on fashion.
Break off to admire the Place St Georges. A small food market is held there from Tuesday to Saturday morning.
Take the Rue de la Pomme, the Rue Boulbonne or the Rue des Arts and allow yourself to be tempted by these stylish shop windows.
Beginning at the cathedral, the Rue Croix-Baragnon is still the principal street in the district and has: great couturiers (Lacroix, Vuitton, etc.), fashion designers (e.g.: Lola, Antoine et Lili), stylists (e.g.: 2B Design, Design Follies) and top-of-the range cake shops (Condé). They are accommodated in Toulouse’s former private mansions which have been turned into boutiques.
Good places to shop and visit (boutiques, workshops, galleries, restaurants and delicatessens) are located in the Rue des Pharaons, the Rue des Paradoux, the Rue du Coq d’Inde or the Rue des Filatiers.


Marché couvert de Victor Hugo [The Victor Hugo Covered Market] -
Place Victor Hugo       
Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 6 am to 1pm.
The biggest covered market in Toulouse is reputed to be the "one of the most prestigious markets in France". This is due to the quality and the variety of the gastronomic products offered to gourmets and amateurs of good food by its ninety traders (including Garcia, Samarran, Betty, Xavier, Bellocq, etc.) On the first floor of the market there is a succession of famous little traditional restaurants which welcome both regular customers and tourists.

Marché de plein vent de Saint-Aubin [The Saint-Aubin Open-Air Market]
 - Place de l’église Saint-Aubin      
Open on Sunday mornings from 6 am to 1pm.
It is enjoyable to stroll around in this market which has a true village atmosphere. Every generation mixes together as a family or with friends, around the stallholders, and the producers’ and food stands. The terraces of the cafés, the musicians and the beautiful church of Saint-Aubin also create a relaxing atmosphere for visitors.
Marché Biologique du Capitole [The Capitole Square Organic Market] - Place du Capitole      
Open on Tuesdays and on Saturdays, from 6 am to 1 pm.
Connoisseurs will appreciate the friendly atmosphere of this colourful market which is spectacularly set up in Toulouse’s main square, and the quality and variety of organic products on offer for the inhabitants of Toulouse and tourists alike.

terChocolatier Michel Belin [Michel Belin, Chocolate Maker] - 9 rue du Taur
Michel Bellin has been rated and recognized as one of the 10 best chocolate makers in France by many guides. He offers an incredible range of creative, delicious flavours which are constantly being renewed. He also offers a wonderful selection of macaroons which are not to be missed.
Pâtissier-chocolatier Maison Pillon [The House of Pillon, a confectioner’s and chocolate maker’s shop] - 2 rue Ozenne - www.maison-pillon.fr
La Maison Pillon [the House of Pillon, a confectioner’s and chocolate maker’s shop] is managed by Yves Thuriès and is widely recognized in Toulouse for its excellent quality. It makes its own jams, chocolates, and sweet and savoury delicacies in its 3 gourmet areas. Visitors must try the chocolate created by the shop’s founder René Pillon, called “Pavé du Capitole”, (orange praline and ganache covered in chocolate) which has been recognized and rated as being a “Speciality of France”.

Les petits poids [a grocer’s shop with a wonderful selection of products] - 48 rue des Filatiers
This fine and colourful grocer’s shop boasts more than 70 varieties of pulses, flours, sugars, salts, cereals, teas and spices which are sold by weight. Amateurs will also find natural wines and traditional products from Midi-Pyrénées at their disposal.


Le Sac du Berger [The Shepherd’s Bag] - Layrolle 12540 LATOUR SUR SORGUES - www.lesacduberger.com
Opening hours: on weekdays from : 8 am to 12 noon and from 2 pm to 6 pm. Open on Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays from 2 pm to 6 pm. From June to October there is a guided tour of the workshop (lasting 1 hour), every day at 3.30 pm.
The bags produced here are authentic shepherd’s bags, the age-old heritage of Southern French pastoralism. They are still used today by transhumant shepherds in the South of France. The leatherwork continues to be carried out in Layrolle, between Causses and Cévennes, next to Larzac, in the region of Millau.

Causse Gantier [Causse Glovemakers] - The Causse Factory and Shop - 5 Bd des Gantiers, MILLAU - http://www.causse-gantier.fr/en/index.php
Opening hours: throughout the year from Monday to Saturday, from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm and from 2 pm to 7pm.
Founded in 1892 by Paul Causse, the House of Causse is the worthy successor of the great names who have made the gloves of Millau renowned throughout the world.

La Forge de Laguiole [The Forge of Laguiole] - Route de l'Aubrac, LAGUIOLE - www.forge-de-laguiole.com
La Forge de Laguiole [the Forge of Laguiole] has constantly improved its manufacturing process while respecting the heritage of know-how from the past. The small knives which were used locally in the past have today become cult objects. They have set a benchmark in terms of their design and are synonymous with the art of living.


Marché de Villefranche de Rouergue [The Market of Villefranche de Rouergue] - on Thursdays
The market is sheltered by the college church and its exceptional belfry and it is here that the ancestral trading activities of Villefranche-de-Rouergue were established and are still in evidence today. All of the streets which branch off from the centre of the walled town accommodate the stall-holders and their colourful wares. Here you will find pedlars, fruit and vegetables; there poultry; a bit further on there are clothes, fabrics, etc. People come from afar for the Villefranche Market. People come from afar and always have done... to see the goods as much as to buy them.

jhLe  marché de Millau [Millau Market] - On Wednesdays and Fridays (late night opening on Mondays in July and August).
There is a great variety of cooked pork meats (dry pork and beef sausages with Roquefort, nuts, hazelnuts, with liver), meats (lamb, mutton), cheeses (all kinds of Roquefort, ewe’s milk cheese), prepared dishes

such as “tripoux” (made from veal’s rumen) or “aligot” ( mashed potatoes with fresh Tomme cheese, garlic and cream). It is excellent when served with fresh sausages! These dishes can be served with a Côte-de-Millau, a VDQS wine (“Vin Délimité de Qualité Supérieure” - Delimited Wines of Superior Quality) produced by the winegrowers of the Gorges du Tarn (Aguessac). And to finish off, a good “fouace” (brioche) or a spit-roasted cake, a speciality of Millau. 

Les marchés de Rodez [The Markets of Rodez] - on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
- The Wednesday Market: Place du Bourg from 8am to 12.30 pm.
- The Friday Market: Place du Sacré-Cœur, from 1.30 to 6.30 pm.
- The Saturday Market: Place de la Cité, Place Emma Calvé and Place du Bourg from 7 am to 12.30 pm.

Le marché traditionnel de Marcillac [The Traditional Market of Marcillac] - on Sunday mornings.
This market is set up under the plane trees around the town of Marcillac. It is enjoyable to stroll between the stalls of local producers all year long. The market comes to life from time to time with handicraft demonstrations, music, etc., unless you allow yourself to be tempted by a tasting of Marcillac wine, offered by the winegrowers from Whit Sunday to mid-October.

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