Fashion & Decoration Oh [a shop selling a variety of goods created by five artists] - 15 rue de Bras -
These charming premises with white walls and exposed beams accommodate this designer’s shop, where the very different but slightly off beat universes of five artists exist. The items featured range from paintings to textiles to badges, post cards, comforters, stickers, engravings, notebooks, etc. Each objet d’art bears the original, authentic and colourful stamp of its designer, while still being reasonably priced.

iu yjDéco Room [a workshop selling renovated and limited series items] - 14 rue Saint Laurent -
Antique goods ranging from jam jars to grandmothers’ sideboards to coffee tables which have been renovated in the workshop of Deco Room rub shoulders with limited series designs.

Le grenier des Filles [a boutique selling ready-to-wear clothing brands and articles made by young designers]
 - 16 rue du Havre -
You will find superb colourful Manoush brand dresses, tunics, trousers and tops made by the “Lino Factory”, “Noa-Noa”, “Stella-Forest” or “Zoé la fée” brands. In addition to this range which combines original and classic models which have been revamped , there are also “accessories and belts designed by Faustine G, T-shirts and durable travellers bags, and collections made by stylists from Nantes will soon be available.” You will find unique items designed by Céline and marketed under her own ROBERT'ine brand in the very near future.

Shopping itineraries in Caen

The antique dealers tour:
The city of Caen offers a tour which will allow you to discover good places to hunt for antiques as you please.

The craft trades and art gallery tour:
More than 47 master craftsmen will open their doors to you in Caen. This will provide an ideal opportunity to find original objects or to surprise your circle of friends with an exceptional gift.

Le Havre

Fashion & Decoration

:!lQuinze – Serge Blanco [a boutique selling Serge Blanco brand clothing] - 33 place des Halles Centrales
Established in 1992, the renowned Serge Blanco brand, whose logo features the player’s name, three polo shirts and the number fifteen (“quinze” in French) was created as a result of the encounter with one of the greatest rugby players of all time, Serge Blanco. The boutique offers men’s clothing, leather goods, etc.

Actu L Deco [an interior designer and shop selling fabrics, decorative objects etc.] - 21, rue d’Ingouville -
This is company provides upholstering, decorating and interior design services. It also sells fabrics, ready-to-install products (cushions, bedspreads, tiebacks, and table mats), modern and stylish furniture, decorative objects (candles, flowers, lamps) and “Fatboy” brand products.

Photo Trehet Marine [sea-themed decorative objects and gifts] - 65, rue de Paris -
This shop offers the widest range of sea-themed decorative objects in Le Havre plus hundreds of gift ideas.

Jeweller's shops
Bijouterie Millaud [Millaud Jewellers’ Shop] - 34, avenue René Coty -
Milliaud have been jewellers and goldsmiths since 1883.

Bijouterie Lepage [Lepage Jeweller’s Shop]  - 28, avenue René Coty -
The oldest of the Lepage jewellers’ shops owes its success to its never ending search to improve quality. It has recently been extended and has more than 30 metres of shop windows on 2 streets. This allows it to offer a unique range of goods and it has thus established its position as the undisputed specialist, both for jewellery in Avenue René Cody and for watches in Rue Casimir Perrier.

Shopping itineraries in Le Havre


Quartier Coty [the Coty District] and "Centre commercial Coty" [the “Coty Shopping Centre”]
Le "Centre Commercial Coty" [the “Coty Shopping Centre”] groups together 80 shops on three levels, including franchise and national brand shops, but also restaurants, cafés and baker’s shops, a chemist’s shop, a post office and a supermarket. In the surrounding area you will also find department stores, retail stores and brasseries and a traditional outdoor market on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Quartier des Docks Vauban - "Parc urbain Saint-Nicolas" [the Vauban Warehouse District- "the Saint-Nicolas Urban Park"]
South of the city, in the district of the oldest warehouses in France, there is a shopping leisure and cultural centre which offers major retail chains, a 10, 000 m² garden centre, cinemas, a bowling alley, restaurants and bars.
Quartier des "Halles Centrales" [the "Central Covered Market "District]
The pedestrianized centre of “les Halles” is a lively district where food and drink outlets, restaurants and café terraces stand side by side with shops selling clothing, homeware and decorative items. The commercial city centre is linked to the port district by the famous Rue de Paris, of which the arcades accommodate a wide variety of original shops. The "Halles Centrales" covered market underwent major renovation work in 2002 and boasts quality food products.

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