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Fashion and decoration 

Fashion and decoration

Good deals in North West France


Fashion & decoration

Françoise Biannic [women’s clothing] 3 Rue Chaperonnière -
Situated in the right in the city centre, Françoise Biannic's boutique offers the best in women’s fashion each season. Ready-to-wear clothing, leather goods and accessories selected from among the most major brands will appeal to active and refined women who are concerned about being in the forefront of trends.

Atelier de tapisserie d'Angers [the Tapestry Workshop of Angers], 3 Boulevard Dviers -
Angers is devoted to the art of tapestry-making with the exceptional Apocalypse Tapestry which is hung in Angers Castle and the modern reproduction of “le Chant du monde” by Jean Lurçat. The modern tapestry museum, temporary exhibitions and a documentation centre about textile art in connection with the weaving and creation workshops continue this tradition in the district of La Doutre.

yMaison d'Adam, Maison des artisans [The Adam Centre, the Craftmen’s Centre], 1 Plce Sainte-Croix -
In the centre of la Maison d'Adam, [The Adam Centre], a timber-framed house dating from the 16th century, you will find la Maison des Artisans [the Craftmen’s Centre], an ideal place to discover a wide range of various arts and crafts: sculptures, medieval figurines, blown glass, etc.

Yamakado [design furniture], ZI du cormier – 34 Re des Perreyeux -Trélazé
This independent company creates, manufactures and markets design furniture. The originality of the furniture’s design and the harmony between the French and Japanese cultures contribute to making this company unique.

Bleu ardoise [slate specialists], 7 Avenue des Carreaux – St Sylvain d’Anjou
Bleu Ardoise will allow you to discover slate in a different light. With fifteen or so years of experience, Bleu Ardoise will guide you in your choice and consider all of your ideas at its site in Saint Sylvain.

Shopping itinerary
 A tourist itinerary that will allow you to discover arts and crafts, shops offering the culinary specialities of Angers and our region’s traditional chocolate makers.
▪ Place Kennedy   ▪ Rue Toussaint   ▪ Rue des Lices   ▪ Rue saint Aubin   ▪ Place sainte Croix   ▪ Place du Ralliement
A shopping itinerary that will allow you to discover Angers through its lively main streets.
▪ Rue saint Julien   ▪ Rue Baudrière   ▪ Rue d’Alsace   ▪ Rue Lenepveu   ▪ Rue saint Laud     ▪ Place Romain   ▪ Rue des Poêliers


Fashion and decoration
The craftsmen designers from Nantes will abandon their usual reserve and will share their know-how and passion with you in their workshop boutique.
To make your shopping easier, we have created a little itinerary for you.

Quartier Bouffay  [Bouffay District] 

Nathalie Deniau-Million is a designer of hand-painted mosaics, glassware and porcelain, paintings and collages. Her shop also sells a huge collection of jewellery made by designers from Nantes.

Mille Terres Mille Fleurs, a shop which sells jewellery, accessories and creations. Here you will find creations made by designers from Nantes such as Véronica Alvarez (jewellery made from seeds), Nathalie Elbaum (lamps and mirrors), etc.

Kezaly is the workshop boutique of Claire Ploquin, a designer of ready-to-wear women’s clothing, original and coloured accessories, personalized made-to-measure garments, etc.

Maï Baeg: this boutique workshop makes leather bags and small leather goods... that are quite simply authentic! Visitors will find shoes there which are traditionally made by Julie Pillet (open on Saturdays at 3 pm).

Quartier Viarme - Talensac  [The Viarme – Talensac District] 

Tse-Meng, is the workshop boutique of Solange, a leather goods designer, who makes flawless traditional-style leather bags and accessories, priced from €45 to €250 (open on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm).

Art'H'Pied: it is in this workshop, situated at the far end of a courtyard, that Hugo Lambert makes the patterns, sews, assembles and sells graphic, comfortable and colourful shoes.

Quartier Commerce - Royale [Royal-Commercial District]

Marie Rebérat, the stylist from Nantes experiments with different materials, superposed images, colours and accessories, bringing unique models and a brand which is developing to life...

Quartier Graslin-Dobrée 

Idéogram: a graphic gallery and a book shop created on the initiative of Sébastien and Yannick. Visitors are guaranteed to fall in love with the works of local publishers and artists which are showcased in this shop in addition to: books, stationery, posters, toys, colouring books, etc.

Ma Baïta, a shop in which Caroline devotes a substantial amount of space to creators from Nantes such as: Atal, who makes papier mâché hens, Nathalie Fonteneau who makes cushions etc. (open on Saturdays at 3 pm).

Good deals in North West France

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