Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

Tourisme_DurableThis pictogram symbolises the service providers' personal commitment "to responsible tourism", according to each professional's priority and specificities.  

What does "responsible tourism" mean?

Responsible tourism, or sustainable tourism, means that the principles of sustainable development are applied to tourism: combining economic development, a social approach and protection of the environment.
According to the Charter of the World Tourism Organisation, responsible tourism must be "sustainable in the long term from the standpoint of the ecology, viable for the economy and fair for the local people from ethical and social standpoints".

What commitments have tourism professionals made?

Apart from applying criteria, responsible tourism is a mentality. With this pictogram, Maison de la France wishes to enhance the reputation of professionals who strive for a tourism which is attentive to others and to a balanced environment.

These service providers share common principles in favour of an ecological management and the development of the local economy. Their commitment, given in detail in the description of each offer, is illustrated on several levels: eco-construction, renewable energies; eco-labelled cleaning products, rainwater recovery, obtain supplies of products locally, discovery and conservation of local know-how, etc.

Even if a 100% sustainable offer does not exist, the commitment "to responsible tourism" is a reality, proven by the offers you can find on "" by following the pictogram.Tourisme_Durable

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