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READY TO BAKE - Bordeaux, South West France Bordeaux fr
Ready-to-Bake Cake Mix  
Founded in 2005 - Bordeaux, Southwest France


All Ready to Bake products are made by Produits Jock SA, a family owned business that has been preparing delicious traditional desserts for three generations. With more than seven decades of French bakery experience, Ready to Bake allows busy people to quickly and conveniently satisfy their craving for authentic French desserts. All of the ingredients needed are already in the bag, so you just pour, bake for a short period of time, and serve! Made from ingredients such as whole eggs and real sugar, you can now treat yourself and your family to a great dessert in about 10 minutes time.

- Bake chocolate cake according to instructions and allow it to cool completely.

- Slice in two, horizontally, and spread one cut side with whipped cream and berries; place other cut side on top.

- Et voila, it is ready!





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