Destination the Glénan Archipelago

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Destination the Glénan Archipelago 29900 Glénan fr

18km off the Fouesnant coast in Finistère, the white sands and clear waters of the Glénan Archipelago are reminiscent of more southerly latitudes, conjuring up images of a far-flung tropical paradise.

Numbering eight islands, ten or so small islets and numerous reefs, the archipelago runs in a circle around a small inland sea known as the “Chamber”. Once used as a favourite stopping-off point of some of the world’s greatest navigators, it comprises:


the Ile Saint-Nicolas, the archipelago’s major land mass,

the Ile de Bananec,

the Ile du Loc'h,

the Ile de Penfret,

the Ile Cigogne,

the Ile de Drénec,

the Ile de Brunec,

the Ile Guéotec,

the Ile de Quignénec,

the Ile de Guiriden and

the Ile aux Moutons.


Today, the Glénan Archipelago is inhabited during the summer months only and is used almost exclusively as a base for water sports. It is home to one of France’s best known sailing schools and an international underwater diving centre.

Practical information

Seasonal boat services run to Saint-Nicolas from Fouesnant (Beg-Meil), Bénodet, Port-La-Forêt, Concarneau, Loctudy and Quimper.


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