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The Juno Beach Center presents the war effort made by all Canadians, civilian and military alike, both at home and on the various fronts during the Second World War.

Located in the heart of Juno Beach, the fishing and leisure port of Courseuilles-sur-Mer was liberated by the Canadian forces in the early morning of D-Day.

Located between Courseuilles and St. Aubin sur Mer, Juno Beach is the second of the Commonwealth's three invasion zones along with Gold Beach (situated between Asnelles and Ver-sur-Mer on the western coast of Calvados) and Sword Beach (Lion-sur-Mer, Langrune-sur-Mer).

Commanded by Major General Rodney Keller, the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division landed in the early hours of the morning on June 6, 1944. In the day that folloed, 574 men of the 3rd Canadian Division were wounded and 359 were killed, including the men of the First Canadian Parachute who were integrated in the 6th Bristish Airborne Division.

Close to 21,000 men landed on Juno Beach over the first 24 hours of D-Day, and approximately 8000 were of them were British. 1074 were either killed or wounded.

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