Parc Astérix

  • Cesar's Trials (Le Défi de César)

    © Parc Astérix 2014

    Cesar's Trials (Le Défi de César)

    © Parc Astérix 2014

  • Goudurix

    © Parc Astérix 2014


    © Parc Astérix 2014

  • Ozaris

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    © Parc Astérix 2014

  • Zeus' Thunder (Tonnerre de Zeus)

    © Parc Astérix 2014

    Zeus' Thunder (Tonnerre de Zeus)

    © Parc Astérix 2014

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Another universe awaits just 40 minutes’ drive from Paris, that of the Gauls and Romans at the Parc Astérix amusement park.  36 attractions, 6 different worlds and 5 performance shows, there’s plenty to enjoy at Parc Astérix.

Parc Asterix: 6 Worlds, 36 Attractions

Travel through the 6 worlds: The Vikings, Ancient Greece, Roman Empire, Welcome to Gaul, Egypt and the final one called “Travel through Time”. Kids, grown-ups, teens, thrill-seekers or simply those who just like to watch, Parc Astérix offers a unique experience for all. With 36 attractions, there’s something for everyone!

Family Fun

Classic carousels, spinning cauldrons, mini boat rides, a ghost train; parents and children will both have a great time together here.

Little adventurers (aged 3 and up) can explore an area just for them, the Forêt d’Idéfix (Idefix Forest) filled with druids, their potions, and their schemes to go up the river...

Fun on the Water

Take on a variety of water rides: ride a boat for “le Grand Splatch” or a log in “Menhir Express”, or even share a large rubber ring in “L’Oxygenarium”. Whirlpools, drops, swirls and many splashes await!

Crazy Adventures

Attention thrill-seekers, Parc Astérix is the place for you! Challenge the big 5 adrenaline-packed rides located throughout the park.

The ride “Tonnerre de Zeus” (Zeus’ Thunder) propels you at 50mph up and down a long and winding wooden track, while the rollercoaster “Goudurix” will have you doing spinning and swirling at speed around its crazy high loops.

5 Grand Shows

Parc Astérix also has some great visual content:

  • Gaulois – Romains: Le Match”  (25 mins) – Watch the Romans and the Gauls battle it out in an arena with over 900 seats!
  • “Magique Panoramix” (25 mins) – Learn the intricacy of magic potions with Getafix 
  • "Secrets de Druides” (20 mins) – Discover the secrets of the druids with Lady Dagda, expert in Gallic Druid science!
  • “Révérence”(20 mins) – Watch a graceful ballet of dolphins and sea lions in the Poseidon Theatre
  • Meet the characters – From 11am onwards, meet all your favourite characters in the heart of the Gall Village, or even take a photo with Asterix himself in front of Getafix’s hut!


      Parc Astérix
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