Rendez-vous at Porto-Vecchio Citadel

  • Porto Vecchio

    © Les Meloures

    Porto Vecchio

    © Les Meloures

Rendez-vous at Porto-Vecchio Citadel 2A Porto-Vecchio fr

In 1539, the senators of Genoa asked the San Giorgio Office, a wealthy Genoese bank, to build a fortress on a large rock of porphyry in order to exploit the riches of the valley, and export them to their city. The Porto-Vecchio citadel was created, but in spite of a fertile hinterland and a large gulf, the site remained infested with malaria and Moorish pirates.

Between 1540 and 1589, the citadel was destroyed and rebuilt three times. The Genoa Republic eventually sold it to France in 1768. One year later, the troops of King Louis XV took over the spot which they renamed Bastion de France.

The Bastion de France, in which are held summer exhibitions, is the most famous of the five bastions in the citadel. The four other private bastions are Bastion Sant' Antonu, the Windmill Bastion, the Palazzo Bastion, and the Bastion Funtana Vechja.