"Foot Foraine" Exhibition in Lille

From June 03, 2016 to November 06, 2016
  • La Gare Saint-Sauveur

    © Laurent Ghesquières

    La Gare Saint-Sauveur

    © Laurent Ghesquières

  • Hooliganisme, 1997

    © Malachi Farrell

    Hooliganisme, 1997

    © Malachi Farrell

  • Un peu de douceur, 2016

    © Thomas Lelu

    Un peu de douceur, 2016

    © Thomas Lelu

"Foot Foraine" Exhibition in Lille Boulevard Jean-Baptiste Lebas 59000 lille fr

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To make the cheers of the Euro 2016 echo all over France, the 11 Tricolore committee – composed of 11 Euro 2016 key figures named by the French president – launched ‘Foot Foraine’, a cultural and sport event dedicated to football fans, newbies and onlookers. It’s a unique experience that deals with all aspects of football: culture, art and sport.


In Lille, Foot foraine invests the Gare Saint Sauveur (esplanade, la Halle B) and the Parc Jean-Baptiste Lebasand and offers entertainment around football for all the family.

You’ll find art installations, video games, carousels, funny football pitches, football tables, supporters rooms and concerts all summer long. Ready, steady, go!



Mathias Braschler & Monika Fischer, Omar Victor Diop, Dario Escobar, Harun Farocki, Malachi Farrell, Kendell Geers, Pierre Giner, Ange Leccia, Thomas Lélu, Pascale Marthine Tayou... (Non-exhaustive List)

with: Régis Masclet, Collectif Pied la Biche, Jean Denis Walter.



Gare Saint-Sauveur
Boulevard Jean-Baptiste Lebas
59000 Lille

Admission fees and rates

prices :
Exhibition : free
Carousels : 2€ (from 3 June to 31 July 2016)

Things to see