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Hergé - Grand Palais Paris fr

Hergé - Grand Palais - until 15.01.2017


Perhaps most famous as the creator of Tintin, Hergé - or George Rémi – was a Belgian artist, credited by some as being the father of the European comic strip. More than a cartoonist, Hergé was an artist and art collector, lesser-known facts that the Grand Palais would
like us to explore more.


Developed with the help of the artist’s family, the exhibition brings together unseen works by the artist along with personal documents, and accounts from those who met and knew him, giving visitors the chance to glimpse the man behind the cartoon.



Venue:The Grand Palais

Built for the Universal Exhibition in 1900 the building of the Grand Palais was built as a structure dedicated “to glory
of French art”. Today it is a listed building, home to the Rmn-GP – an association created in 2011 to bring together France’s National Monuments, which reports to the French Ministry of Culture – and an exhibition space that hosts 40 events per year in the Grand Palais (without mentioning all the association’s activities across the whole of France).