From March 17, 2016 to March 20, 2016
  • LIVRE PARIS, le Salon du livre de Paris, du 17 au 20 mars 2016

    LIVRE PARIS, le Salon du livre de Paris, du 17 au 20 mars 2016

LIVRE PARIS 2016 1 Boulevard Victor 75015 paris fr

Founded in 1981 by the French National Publishing Syndicate (Syndicat national de l’édition), the Salon du Livre de Paris (Paris Book Show) has continued to innovate over the past 35 years in order to attract an increasing number of visitors and to keep up-to-date with developments in the publishing world. It remains France’s leading cultural and literary event and one of the leading events in this sector worldwide.

For its 36th show, the Salon du Livre de Paris continues its evolution by offering visitors a new, updated format.

  • A new name, new visual identity, a new look and completely redesigned layout;
  • An innovative and celebratory cultural programme, which is of a high quality, easily accessible to the public and which reflects the diversity of the publishing world, held in Paris and also, for the first time, outside the city centre;
  • Evening and special events, with a focus on dedicated events for younger visitors.

South Korea – the special guest at LIVRE PARIS 2016

In 2016, LIVRE PARIS, the Paris Book Show, will continue its world tour of literature started in 1988 by paying tribute for the first time to South Korean literature, one of Asia’s leading written cultures.

From 17 to 20 MarchLIVRE PARIS will host a delegation of 30 eminent writers representing contemporary South Korean writing, which is varied, fascinating and includes both traditional and modern influences.

These 12 women and 18 men span different generations and write for a whole host of different readerships. Including novelists, poets, essayists and creators of manhwa cartoons (the Korean version of manga) as well as authors of children’s books, the list of writers also includes a creator of educational manhwas, a Prix de l’Inaperçu 2014 prize-winner, a female designer described by the New York Times as the “best young illustrator” in 2008, and a number of prolific novelists who are essential reading.

The group comprises a veritable pleiad of talented writers who are emblematic of contemporary South Korean literature and whose books are sold and read across the globe.

Twenty or so South Korean publishers will accompany the delegation.


Porte de Versailles – Pavillon 1
1 Boulevard Victor
75015 Paris

Admission fees and rates

  • Plein tarif : 12€
  • Tarif réduit : 6€

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