5 of the best independent boutiques in Paris

5 of the best independent boutiques in Paris

Create a unique signature style with one-off finds in Paris’ lesser known stores

More popular than ever these days, thanks to consumers shunning fast fashion –vintage fashion is keeping history and art alive. Plus, the carefully constructed pieces are often of a higher quality than that of contemporary clothing. It’s far easier to find your own personal style with recycled items and nowhere are you better placed to do this than in Paris.

Speaking of history, we have Napoleon Bonaparte to thank for one prized vintage find that we just can’t get enough of. Yes, the military jacket. Distinguished by the buttons on its sleeves, it is claimed that Napoleon, tired of his soldiers repeatedly wiping their noses on their sleeves, combatted the problem by commissioning jackets with buttons on them!

Here are five fabulous independent boutiques where you may just discover your own little piece of history…


1. Mamie

At Mamie in the ninth arrondissement you’ll find some of this army apparel, sans snot. With three levels dedicated to fashion, accessories and hats from the 1930s-1960s including an entire basement devoted to shoes, this is where you’ll track down country rock denim and Iris Apfel-style retro glasses. Owned by the eccentric Yannick who acquires the stock on his travels, some items even come from ‘dead stock’ – thankfully not clothes that have been pulled off a dead person’s body, but old pieces that have never been worn. It’s no wonder that renowned designers regularly skulk through these doors. 


2. Didier Ludot

A temple to vintage chic, Didier Ludot (didierludot.fr) sets the bar in this competitive playing field. Prices are steep, but that doesn’t put punters off. Founded in 1975, haute couture pieces from the likes of Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Balmain and 1970s Pierre Cardin are draped over golden chairs in a cleverly curated display. Hardly surprising that this is where Reese Witherspoon’s stylist found the embroidered 1950 Christian Dior duchess satin gown that the star wore when she sashayed away with the Best Actress Oscar in 2006.


3. Goldy Mama

It’s always cheering when service is helpful but unobtrusive, which is what you’ll enjoy at Goldy Mama (goldymama.com) on the 20th arrondissement. That and a barrel full of retro vibes courtesy of sailor blouses, empire dresses and 1950s skirts. What’s more, the stock is clean and fresh, meaning you can wear your latest acquisition the very same day without smelling of mothballs.


4. Goldy Mama

Goldy Mama (lapetitefripe.com) is where Parisian vintage aficionados flock for their fox fur scarves and diamante moccasins. It’s organised chaos with articles dripping off rails, hanging off walls, spilling out of hampers and even dangling between disco balls. The prices are good so it’s definitely worth a rummage. If it all gets too much, rest your wary legs on one of the iron chairs outside and watch the world go by through your newly acquired, 1960s rose-tinted sunglasses.


5. Satellite

Satellite (satelliteparis-boutique.com) is the lovechild of an anthropologist and a photographer who decided to tour the world together, amassing a treasure chest of antique jewellery, precious stones and traditional materials along the way. Upon their return Sandrine Dulan set about using her finds – coral beads, Japanese pearls, gold and turquoise silk threads – to design striking, unique pieces, each with its own colourful story, each an exercise in primitive art meets couture. With six boutiques in Paris already, Satellite is a name you really should be keeping your eyes open for.


Source: Condé Nast Traveller Middle East


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