5 of the best independent galleries in Paris

5 of the best independent galleries in Paris

Stimulate your grey matter with a look-see in some of Paris’s most pioneering galleries


1. Fondation Cartier

Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain (fondation.cartier.com), better known as Foundation Cartier, celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. Located in the 14th arondissement, the contemporary arts museum is a little further out, but it comes with the added bonus of the soothing woodland garden surrounding it. The latest, long-anticipated offering, Autophoto, is a carefully created selection of 500 images of cars that runs until September 24. Works range from Eve Arnold’s iconic 1961 images of Marilyn Monroe on the set of The Misfits, to the work of photographers like Lee Friedlander and Robert Frank.


2. Galerie Xippas

Xippas (xippas.com), as the gallery is fondly referred to by those in the know, is worth a visit just for its enigmatic “ghost wall”. Designed by Barthélémy Griño Architectes, when visitors climb the stairs, the cool flexible wall system gives off the illusion of ghosts floating above it. But you should dedicate some time to the contemporary art exhibits, too.


3. Galerie du Jour – Agnès

After years of designing clothes for the likes of David Bowie, Yoko Ono, Natalie Portman and Philippe Starck, self-proclaimed rebel Agnès B added another feather to her boa by opening her first art gallery Galerie du Jour – Agnès B (galeriedujour.com) in 1984. With around ten different shows per year, the work of each painter, photographer and sculptor is painstakingly selected. The lauded fashion designer (who claims to have no interest in fashion) is also devoted to the creative mentoring of young – and often radical – talent. In 2009, the gallery, which is located adjacent to the Centre Pompidou, added its own library, complete with books, objets d’art and its in-house publications.


4. Bugada & Cargnel

The country’s multi-media artists flourish at Bugada & Cargnel (bugadacargnel.com). Formerly known as Cosmic Galerie, the 500sqm space-age showroom – a converted 1930s garage – is stunning. Panorama Zero, a collection of sculptures and photographs from Théo Mercier, runs until June 3. A virtuoso in creating precarious balances and paradoxical relationships of scale, Mercier has designed what he calls “time-dismantling machines”.


5. Millésime Gallery

The exciting thing about Millésime Gallery (facebook.com/millesimegallery), a long-time favourite with locals, is that it has become a conduit for up-and-coming French talent on the brink of stardom. So, while you may not have heard of many of the artists whose work is on display here, chances are they are mere moments away from becoming household names. Its location under the latticed veil of the Eiffel Tower also makes it the perfect post from which to snap your own piece of art. The cherry on top is its affiliated photo-framing workshop, Cadre Art. 


Source: Condé Nast Traveller Middle East



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