Château de Villandry gardens

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Château de Villandry gardens

Just a few kilometres from Tours are the romantic, internationally renowned Villandry gardens surrounding their eponymous château. There is magic in every season here: take a stroll in the Jardin d'Ornement or the Jardin d’Amour, whose clever designs illustrate tender, passionate, fickle and tragic love through different uses of colour. Then comes the herb garden with aromatic and medicinal plants, while the music garden is an intricate fusion of boxwood, yew trees and flowers.

In the Renaissance garden, vegetables and flowers have been planted side by side within nine identically-sized squares, creating a chequerboard of stunning colour. The gardening team replants the beds twice a year using no less than 40 varieties of vegetables, including the famous Villandry cabbage. Make sure you leave time to wander across the vast lawns of the water garden, admire the Jardin du Soleil and lose yourself in the hedged maze. The château’s bell tower offers a wonderful elevated view of the gardens.


Events and activities are held throughout the year at Villandry – you can enjoy the magical Nuits des Mille Feux (Nights of a Thousand Lights) in early summer, while in the autumn the gardeners share their expertise during the Journées du Potager (Vegetable Gardeners’ Days).


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