Chenonceau : A symbolic castle in Loire Valley

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Chenonceau : A symbolic castle in Loire Valley Chenonceaux fr

The discovery of a culture, a History, a heritage, has value only if it is shared. Open your eyes and be allowed seduce ... TThe Royal Castle of Amboise and the Castle of Chenonceau offer  you a triad between a landscape classified in the World heritage of the Humanity and… monuments of exception.

• Castle of Chenonceau, one of the most prestigious Castles in France

Perfect harmony, unique architecture that is well-known worldwide. Chenonceau, an emblematic Renaissance monument, is exceptional for the wealth of its history, built and protected by illustrious women: Queen Catherine de Medici, who built the two-storey gallery on Diane de Poitiers' bridge… a “vision” of her native Ponte Vecchio.Richly furnished, Chenonceau contains masterpieces within its walls. An admirable museum-quality collection of paintings by the European great masters of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, as well as a rare selection of 16th century Flemish tapestries. Its French-style gardens, created by Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medici, the labyrinth and floral kitchen garden are remarkable.Today, it is the most-visited château in France after Versailles, and the only one to offer iPod video audio-guided tours, in 11 languages.

• For its 500 years, the Castle of Chenonceau reveal its hidden treasures

The Gallery MEDICI suggests to our visitors enriching their knowledge of the history of the castle. The new scenography reveals a never seen collection of masterpieces, paintings, tapestries, furniture and objects… As well as documents, which allow to better understand the different stages of the construction and the important facts. A retrospective also illustrated by new points of view on the personality of six Ladies, remarkable and brave, who stayed up the fate of this monument, so singular …

• Opening 2014

Carriage Gallery, The superb stable, in the 16th century farm, houses a collection of horse-drawn vehicles.
Domes Gallery, Centred on the contemporary history of the Castle of Chenonceau, notably the Military Hospital installed in the monument from 1914 to 1918 (Opening Second half-year).

• Seasonal Services (from mid-March to mid-November)

The new AOC Touraine-Chenonceaux offers us a perfect blend, a heartfelt alchemy, between the land and an exceptional château. The “Cave des Dômes“ opens its doors to all visitors curious to find out more about this vineyard.
L’Orangerie, The château’s restaurant welcomes visitors in a large comfortable dining room. Experience a moment of sheer delight enjoying gourmet recipes. For a quick lunch, the Self-Service,  has a shaded terrace and a large dining room.Carriage Gallery

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