Telephone & Fax

All telephone numbers in France are composed of 10 digits.

To telephone to France from abroad, dial the international code for France, +33, and then, the nine digit number of the person you are calling (without the 0 at the beginning of the French telephone number). E.g. ++ 33 1 42 96 70 00

To call somewhere in France when in France, dial the 10 digit number which starts with a 0.

From France to a foreign country: dial 00 + the country number + the number of the person you are calling. You will find all telephone cards (for phone boxes, recharges for mobile phones, pre-paid cards…) available at Post Offices, tobacconist's, souvenir shops…

France is very well covered by the 3 French mobile phone operators (Orange, Bouygues, SFR). Find out from your own operator which French network to choose so that you can use your mobile phone in France.

The Post

Mail boxes

In France, mail boxes are coloured yellow and can be found along street and in every Post Office. Mail collection time are displayed on them.


You can buy stamps at any Post Offices and at any tobacconist
Postage cost varies according to the weight of your mail and its destination.

Delivery times

The French mail service is efficient: allow 24 to 48 hours for a letter sent in France to a destination in France; from France to abroad, allow 2 to 5 days.
The whole cost for standard mail is without special surtax.


Internet Cafes are common and can be found in most towns throughout France. Rates may vary, but you will be charged according to the amount of time spent using the computer. To find an Internet Cafe ask the local tourist office.

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