Crazy Horse Cabaret

  • © Ellen von Un werth

    © Ellen von Un werth

  • © Riccardo Tinelli

    © Riccardo Tinelli

Crazy Horse Cabaret 12 Avenue George V 75008 Paris fr

Known as the Crazy Girls, they have been the famous Parisian Cabaret’s success for the past 60 years. Push the door to this veritable institution and enter a glamourous, sensual, dream like setting, dedicated to the female form in all its beauty. Watch the sensual, gracious, choreography of the cabaret dancers dressed to the nines with their bright red lipstick, square-cut wigs, and perched on the highest of stilettos.

There is nothing vulgar about this ode to feminine beauty, but more of a seductive and cheeky artistic charm. Here, more than anywhere else, visitors are in a temple to charm and elegance, where eroticism is often hinted at, but never shown.    

Artistic Tableaux

The home of elegance, the Crazy Horse lies within the famous, and luxurious, ‘Golden Triangle’ in central Paris – near the Champs-Elysées, more precisely on Avenue George V in the 8th district. Head to the cabaret for a 90 minute show of magnificent choreography, décor and lighting.

Giant Jewellery Box

The style of the Crazy Horse has attracted many different creative artists over the years, all of whom were fascinated by the aesthetic genius of the shows: a celebratory atmosphere encased in legendary red velvet and mirrored walls. It almost seems like a giant jewellery box that knows how to sparkle and catch the eye or not only the audience, but also some of the World’s most famous artists and fashion designers.

Temporary Reviews

In 2015 the French choreographer Philippe Decouflé created the breath-raking show ‘Désirs’. In 2016 to celebrate the 65th birthday of this Parisian night-time institution, the Lingerie designer Chantal Thomass decided to dress, and undress, the Crazy Girls in her show ‘Dessous Dessus’ (Underneath, On the top). 

Beyoncé, Kylie Minogue, Christina Aguilera…

The Crazy Horse style has also been adpoted by other forms of art including – for example – the singers Beyoncé, Kylie Minogue, Christina Aguilera, the photographer David Lynch, and the American strip-tease artist Dita Von Teese, all of whom have held their own shows at the Crazy Horse whether for a few nights, weeks, or months. All the artists were able to take the chance to express their talents through theatre arts.



Crazy Horse Paris

12 Avenue George V 75008 Paris


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