Cuisinez-vous le français ?

  • Improve your French whilst cooking !

    Improve your French whilst cooking !

Cuisinez-vous le français ?

Cuisinez-vous le Français ? Cooking with languages !

An online programme that offers the chance to learn and improve your French whilst cooking, what a great idea! The concept is simple: each week, a 3-5 minute episode covers a linguistic point whilst discovering a delicious French recipe. It’s a fun and enjoyable programme that will have you sharing tasty, authentic recipes for your food-loving friends and family. It is also an accessible and engaging e-learning tool that will, over the course of one year, cover theentirety of the ‘language of Molière’: from basic grammatical points (tenses pronouns) to pronunciation (‘R’, ‘IN/OIN’) and situations, such as asking for help and presenting yourself.

“Cuisinez-vous le Français” is an excellent concept for those who are interested in the French language. The original, varied and authentically French recipes are matched perfectly with well thought-out learning activities. tart the video, get cooking and have a great time together.

The subscribers discover the best of French culture and identity as the teambrings you on a journey across France. The new episodes are presented in the most beautiful regions of the ‘hexagone’; from the Mayenne, where the Chateau de la Mazure can be found, to Paris via the coasts of Brittany.

In its latest episode, the viewers are transported to the north-western coast of France, where the renowned chef Jean-François Sicallac welcomes the audience to his magnificent restaurant La Coquille. On the menu: Coquilles Saint Jacques. But before the cooking can begin, the language expert presents this episode’s grammatical point. The concept is presented in an interactive, enjoyable manner that is easy to understand, but the grammar doesn’t stop there! The purpose of the recipe is to allow the user to practice the grammar point in order to perfect their understanding of the topic. And now it’s your turn; cook the recipe with friends and family, whilst following the instructions in French! 

For a subscription fee of only 1 euro per video, this affordable programme is a great opportunity to experience the delights of French life and its cuisine.

You can find all the information on this programme on the website, or directly by mail at


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