Hotel Review: Maison Souquet, Paris

Hotel Review: Maison Souquet, Paris

If modern boudoirs tickle your fancy, then you’ve come to the right place


Maison Souquet is a luxury 5***** hotel in Paris and member of small Luxury Hotels of the World.

It inhabits a tall townhouse in the heart of SoPi (South Pigalle), at the foot of Montmartre hill – birthplace of the Moulin Rouge and the cancan. Once a fin-de-siècle house of ill repute, where a certain Madam Souquet ruled the roost, today it is regularly referred to as the most seductive hotel in the world. With just 20 rooms, its emphasis is on intimate, small-scale luxury.


Celebrated architect and designer Jacques Garcia is renowned for his flair for linking styles of the past to modern needs. At Maison Souquet, he has created a contemporary interior that recreates the mystery, magnificence and magnetism of the original dwelling – and injected it with an additional dose of opulence.


The décor is the stuff of period-drama fantasy, with a mosaic-walled lobby, lavish Napoleon III crimson velvet chairs, a wood-panelled library, 19th-century oil paintings and a glass-roofed conservatory. The attention to detail is second to none, right down to the sultry rose, jasmine and tobacco scents that permeate the air.


Each room is named after a courtesan and is individually decorated in a whirl of padded panels, chinoiserie, velvet poufs and fringed satin lampshades. Colour schemes vary from black and gold to turquoise and ruby red. Each is rich, opulent and over the top, but without a single aesthetic faux pas.


Book yourself a spot at the private pool – for which you’ll need a special key – where the walls are blue and gold constellations shimmer across the ceiling.

Massages can also be arranged upon request.


Enjoy breakfast and light delicacies of crumbly croissants and fresh breads is laid out for you along with coffee and tea. You’ll also find a pleasing range of bonnes bouches available throughout the day. Plus, your location means you’re perfectly placed to delve into the streets below the Place Pigalle in search of foodie favourites such as Peco Peco ( for experimental rice bowls and Kushiage (deep-fried meats), or the self-proclaimed “gastro-thèque
Buvette ( for coq au vin en cocotte.


Maison Souquet is the second hotel from Paris’s boutique Maisons Particulières Collection and plans for a third are underway. It seems guests can’t get enough of the romantic rendezvous.


The hotel’s literature urges you to: “Shut out the world to hear the voice of your senses. In the tradition of the finest pleasure houses, the Maison Souquet disorients its guests to speed their surrender.” If you’re unable to do this here, then we’re afraid there’s no hope for you anywhere.


Rooms from AED 1,269; 0033 148 785 555; 


Source: Condé Nast Traveller Middle East

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