International Chef Committee - Goût de / Good France 2017

International Chef Committee - Goût de / Good France 2017



2,000 chefs, 2,000 menus, 5 continents  




Restaurants from across the world, from haute cuisine to quality bistros, are welcome to register online starting November 6, 2016 on The menu proposals will promote the French gastronomy with fresh, in-season, locally grown produce.


A committee of international chefs, led by Alain Ducasse, will begin selecting participating chefs after registrations close on January 30, 2017. Members of the committee will be responsible for assessing the quality and consistency of the menu proposals submitted, in their respective geographical areas.


The committee will ensure that menu proposals conform to the specific standards according to the instructions provided to the chefs:


- creating a menu representative of French gastronomy with the following sequence of course meals: 


• One aperitif

• One appetizer

• One or two entrees 

• A selection of French cheeses

• One dessert (two desserts may be served if the restaurant's cheese selection is insufficient)

• French wines and champagnes


- following one guideline: menus must emphasize vegetables and grains to represent the values of healthy eating by reducing fat, sugar, and salt content, as well as the values of environmental responsibility.

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