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Maîtres restaurateurs 75000 Paris fr

What is it?

Established in 2007, the label « Maître Restaurateur » is a real recognition for traditional restaurants. It values ​​the expertise and best practices. It is a real label of quality and is the only issued by the French state.

The main aims are:

  • recognize the best professionals of traditional catering,
  • valorize their skills and their engagement to quality,
  • the quality "Maître Restaurateur" is the warranty of a refined cuisine with natural food by a team of profesional.

The evaluation focuses on the following lines

Products of the table:
• The customer relationship
• Interior facilities
• The environment and the external (if exists)
• Hygiene, safety and cleanliness

Dishes offered must be various: at least 4 starters, 4 main dishes and 4 desserts.

Besides, at least a starter or a main dish or a dessert has to be renewed daily.

« Maître Restaurateur » title is delivred for 4 years by the prefet of a French region. In November 2010, we listed 1 300 Maîtres Restaurateurs. We are expecting an average of 3 000 to 2012.

What is changes for you:

The label guarantees to customers:

  • Fresh food,
  • No dishes already prepared,
  • Perfect preparation of the table with a good style and cleaned elements in good condition,
  • Inform, advise and answer to customers with all information needed,
  • Put up useful information like prices, services, opening time, payment…
  • Stay polit and thank the visitors when they are living,
  • Cleaned decoration and in good conditions,
  • The staff at the reception has to be well-dressed, cleaned and in harmony with the place,
  • The loo in good condition, cleaned and with a bright light, with all equipement to make customers like at home,
  • Inform customers about facilities and equipments for welmcoming disabled people and kids,
  • Parking (free or not),
  • Neat kitchen.

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