Marseille, the major events and exhibitions of 2017

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Marseille, the major events and exhibitions of 2017



Marseille European Sport Capital 2017
This sportive
year will start with the Artistic Skating
World Cup Final on the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th December 2016 at the Palais
Omnisports Marseille Grand Est. The « Capital year » will be filled with sport
events for the general public. All along the year, individual and collective
high level performances in acquatic, nautic and terrestial disciplines will be
on the agenda. The official inauguration will be held during the weekend of
14th and 15th January 2017.

Biennale Internationale des Arts du Cirque
the 21st
January to 19th February 2017 6 circus tents will be installed on the Prado Beaches during
the Biennale Period and international artists from the most prestigious circus
companies willl enchante the public every night. The Tourism Office of
Marseille will organise some “circus weekends” during the whole period of the

2 TOP14 Rugby Semi finals at
the Orange Vélodrome stadium in Marseille the 26th and 27th may

Tour de France
Stage “race against the clock” in
Marseille on the 22nd july 2017, departure
and arrival in the Orage Vélodrom stadium. 

Festival Marsatac 19th edition –23rd & 24th
June 2017 at the Parc Chanot in Marseille.





Café In at the Mucem museum until the 23rd January
2017. More than 300 paintings, photographies,
objects, engravings, drawings, rare works of art, mail correspondences, audio visual
archives and new texts that will illustrate on more than 1000 m² the coffe's
history around world.

Après Babel Traduire at the Mucem museum from the 14th December
2016 to the 20th
March 2017. The language barrier often appaers as the last of
the obstacles: this exhibition inverts this rule and shows how the translation
is a truel know-how, an advantage against differences, and how knowing several
languages shapes the model of the new European citizen. 

David Dellepiane, Arts &

at the Regards de Provence museum until the 19th March
2017. 100 paintings, watercolours, projections, posters, mostly collected from
private unreleased collections, will retrace the story of a sincere adventurer
of arts, deeply bound to Marseille and Provence. 

Le rêve at the Cantini museum until the 22nd January
2017. The exhibition-event of the year is
meant to retrace through the work of Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Salvador
Dalí, René Magritte, Max Ernst and many others, the evolution of the dream's
representation, one of the highlights of modern art. 

Mission Mode : Styles Croisés at the Château Borély and the Musée de
la Légion étrangère of Aubagne until
the 15th January 2017. A double exhibition
devoted to the history of the military style and its progressive adoption by
the civil fashion.

Jack London dans les mers du Sud from the 7th September
to the 7 th January
2018 at the African , Oceanian &
Amerindian Arts Museum of the Vieille Charité. An invitation to travel and to
explore, symbol of life and of Jack London’s work.

Mémoire à la mer at the Musée d’Histoire de Marseille
until the 28th
May 2017. In parrtnership
with the Culture and Communication Ministery of France, this exhibition
allows the visitor to enter the submerged world of shipwreck from the
Prehistoric Age until the current times, thanks to a wide selection of objects
presented in a pitoresque marin situation.

Escales Méditerranéennes at the Regards de Provence museum from
the 17th
June to the 19th
November 2017. The exhibition presents more than 80 paintings from the half of
the XIX century to the end of the XX century, gathering great artists such as
Bernard, Camoin, Peske, Signac, and Ziem, who were able to give back the glory
to the Mediterranean port calls - from the Côte Vermeille to the Côte d’Azur,
from Algeria to the Adriatic coast.

Le banquet de Marseille à Rome at the Musée d'Archéologie
Méditerranéenne from the 2nd
December 2016 to the 30th
June 2017. The banquet, gathering element of the political and private life
during the Roman Age, becomes the protagonist of this exhibition istalled in a
peculiar room, reopened to public for the occasion.





Toyoko Inn The first outiside-Asia establishment
of the japanese business hospitality chain will open in Marseille in 2017. The building is located next to the
train station Saint Charles within the Euroméditerranée scope, the new business
district of Marseille. The Toyoko Inn Hotel offers economic class rooms. 

The Village Club du Soleil Marseille
Belle de Mai
, first urban establishment of the
family targeted holiday network,
will be inaugurated in february 2017. Beyond the traditional offer of the
Village Club du Soleil, the holiday package includes a city pass to visit the
city, in partnership with the Tourism Office of Marseille. 

Vélodrome stadium of Marseille has changed its name in Orange Vélodrome, since Arema, the stadium’s administrator in
Marseille, has signed a 10 years partnership with the telecommunication
provider Orange, which is now associated to the stadium’s name. 

restaurants offer in Marseille is continuously renewed, sometimes with great
expectations such the ones of the Restaurant Saisons by Julien Diaz and Guillaume Bonneaud in the city centre or
the Restaurant Albertine by the
Michelin chef Gérald Passedat in the new covered gallleries in the renewed
portual Docks. On the Old Port, Florent Manaudou, gold medal swimmer at the
London’s Olympic Games, has opened a restaurant called La Piscine, guaranteed atmosphere! All neigbourhoods have their new
entries: la Maison Vauban, le Tire-Bouchon and Lacaille in the eclectic Cours Julien district, Vaggy, l’épicerie L’Idéal by the
ex gourmet journalist Julia Sammut in Noailles and l’épicerie Piou

Voute Virgo New opening of visual art gallery and
cultural space. Every month a different exhibition:
photography, contemporary art, graphism, design, inspirated by the currents
that have signed our modern times and continue influencing our life with their
underground, classics, rock, électro, urbain, hip hop musical echos…

Canada will launch a new seasonal line with 3 flights per week, between the Marseille-Provence airport and Montréal Trudeau starting from the 10th June
2017 until the 14th
October 2017.


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