Non-Skiers: Enjoy The Alps, The Pyrenees and more...

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Non-Skiers: Enjoy The Alps, The Pyrenees and more... 73000 Chambéry fr

People not interested in skiing do not have to miss out on an unforgettable holiday, because the mountains in winter offer much more. There are amazing landscapes to discover, unique experiences to try, and intense pleasures to enjoy. All the ingredients exist for a fun time with friends and family.

Amazing landscapes and vistas

 From the  Vosges to the Pyrenees via the Jura , the Massif Central, and the northern and southern Alps, France boasts a uniquely diverse geography in terms of mountain ranges. The magnificent landscapes and heavenly vistas are legion. So take advantage of a mountain holiday to:

  • recharge your batteries by strolling along blazed trails or hiking on snowshoes
  • contemplate the snowy summits and appreciate the pure air and environment.

Athletic types will enjoy a hike in the high mountains. The more adventurous might want to try a snowmobile or dog sled. Or enjoy a night in a chalet or even an igloo – an unforgettable experience! Take advantage of a stay in the Alps to explore the majestic Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe. The valley of Val Ferret, which is highly appreciated by hikers, is known for its wonderful view of the French and Italian slopes of the Mont Blanc range. Another top destination, in the Pyrenees, is the Pic du Midi with its 557 m² of panoramic terraces for enjoying the grandiose view of Pyrenean summits stretching some 200 miles in the distance.

Flatter your tastebuds

Thanks to a strong, age-old tradition, mountain regions have retained uniqueness when it comes to gastronomy. Many great French chefs, in fact, are now putting a modern spin on this unusual cuisine. The well known classics are cheese fondue, scalloped potatoes, and tartiflette (cheese, bacon and potato pie). But mountain gastronomy has more to offer than these three dishes. There are many other Alpine specialities awaiting discovery, such as crozets (buckwheat pasta), diots (sausage), ravioli, and tourtons (fritters), not to mention liqueurs made from larch or wormwood.

In Auvergne , you’ll want to try truffade (potatoes and cheese) or pounti (savoury cake), while in the Vosges don’t miss toffoyes (potatoes, bacon and onion) and tarte aux brimbelles (blueberry pie). Finally, in the Pyrenees the dishes to try are its famous garbure (hearty soup) and azinat (cabbage stew). Enjoy!

Just relax.

A holiday in the mountains can also be a perfect moment to unwind. The mountains are not only synonymous with pure air and water, but are conducive to a zen attitude. That is why many famous health spas and fitness centres are located there. The internationally famous Evian springs yield a mineral water with recognised virtues. The town therefore has numerous centres for water cures, such as the Thermes d’Evian and the spas in luxury hotels such as the Evian Royal Resort complex.

The Auvergne area of the Massif Central is another charming destination. The qualities of the waters at Vichy are well known, and the spa town nestles in a verdant landscape composed of natural parks and extinct volcanoes, perfect for contemplative relaxation.

Finally, why not try recharging your batteries in the wonderful landscape of the Pyrenees, thanks to a stay at one of the spas such as Aulus-les-Bains, Luz-Saint-Sauveur, or charming Saint-Lary-Soulan. A mountain holiday can be a soothing, relaxing, yet ultimately healthy and reinvigorating experience!

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