Themes for your itinerary in Normandy

Themes for your itinerary in Normandy

Come and choose a theme for your itinerary in Normandy

The Ivory and Spice trail: Seen from the heights of the grandiose cliffs of the Pays de Caux, the breathtaking beauty of the sea is an invitation to try one's luck beyond the horizon, and Norman sailors have ventured on every ocean since the end of the middle ages. Sailors from Dieppe reached the coasts of Africa to bring back ivory, those from Fécamp fished for precious cod off the coast of America, while king François 1st had the "Haven of Grace" (Le Havre) built to shelter the finest merchant fleet in his kingdom. Unknown fruits and precious wood, ivory and heady spices brought wealth to the trading posts set up by Jacques Coeur or Jehan Ango, while country houses and châteaux were built in the fertile countryside of the Pays de Caux.

The Fruit trail: In Duclair, in one of the meanders of the river Seine at the heart of the Boucles de la Seine Normande Regional Natural Park, you will enter a landscape full of orchards, where, depending on the season, flowers and fruits bloom all around you. In this protected area, a unique place to visit: Jumièges Abbey 

The Camembert trail: It was Marie Harel and her daughter, also called Marie, who made camembert widely known and set it on its way to becoming the "king of cheeses". The purpose of the 35 mile trail, organised jointly by the Tourist Office and the Camembert Museum in Vimoutiers, is to introduce visitors to the "kingdom of milk" and promote the products of the Pays d'Auge. The Trail leads the visitor to Orbec, Canapville, Ticheville, Guerquesalles, Roiville where Marie Harel was born, Champosoult where her family tomb is to be seen, Les Champeaux, Crouttes and its Saint-Michel Priory, and Vimoutiers (with its statue of Marie Harel).

The Cider trail: To the east of Caen, the "Cider Trail" is a signposted tourist circuit, winding through countryside which is typical of the Pays d'Auge, linking the villages of Beuvron en Auge (classified village), Bonnebosq, Beaufour and Druval via picturesque little roads in the district of Cambremer. Some twenty cider producers and distillers of "Cambremer Vintage" Calvados open their cellars and pressing sheds to visitors and encourage them to taste their products along this circuit, which is one of the Tourist Circuits. Let yourself be guided along this initiatory circuit! If you need more information these websites are for you:

To quench your thirst for knowledge about cider products, you can also visit the IDAC web site, the showcase of the cider and Calvados producers association.

The Mill trail North of Caen, the "Mill trail" runs between the valleys of the Seulles, Mue and Thue in the Creully district, between Caen and Courseulles sur Mer. This circuit is situated in the verdant Bessin countryside near to the D-Day beaches and the Mother-of-Pearl Coast.

The Tradition trail Situated close to Caen, this tourist circuit, which runs through the "Pré-Bocage" countryside with its typical small fields, via the little towns of Villers Bocage, Dampierre and Caumont l'Eventé, is the reflection of local traditions, to which local farmers and artisans are still firmly attached.


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