The Louvre, a revamped entrance

Published on March 02, 2016
  • Belvédère Louvre and double access to entry checks

    Belvédère Louvre and double access to entry checks

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  • Hall Napoléon: more space to better prepare your visit to the Louvre

    Hall Napoléon: more space to better prepare your visit to the Louvre

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The Louvre, a revamped entrance Musée du Louvre 75001 Paris fr

The Louvre Museum has just completed major renovations to improve the way it welcomes the 10 million visitors that come each year, through the doors of the famous glass pyramid.

No more never-ending queues! Now, the double access to the entry checks will significantly reduce wait times. New areas have also been built for luggage storage and cloakroom, to accommodate a wider range of people.

Listening comfort

In addition, from July 2016, there will be two public information desks built into large, easily identifiable pillars. To reduce noise, absorbent walls have even been installed in the ticket area.

As for signs, they will be simpler and easy to read. The Louvre is the most visited museum in the world, with 70% of its visitors coming from abroad, so all will signs be shown in three languages ​​(English/Spanish/French), to better meet the needs of its foreign visitors.

The shops currently inside the Pyramid (bookstore, postcard shop, the Réunion des musées nationaux children's bookstore), currently scattered around different locations, will be relocated along the allée du Grand Louvre.

Erected in 1989, the Pyramid, designed by Chinese architect Leoh Ming Pei, was originally built to accommodate 4.5 million people a year... so evidently, its reception facilities have since become insufficient.

By creating more space through better area distribution, the Pyramid perfectly fulfils its role of preparing guests for their museum visit. These improvements restore nobility and serenity to this symbolic place, without changing the original architecture of the building.

The Pavillon Sully and history of the Louvre

Le Pavillon de Sully, behind the Pyramid, is also undergoing major transformation. From July 2016, on the 3rd floor of the building, you will find an interpretive centre tracing the history of the Palace and its collections, while offering themed tours and a presentation on the Louvre today (Louvre-Lens, Louvre Abu Dhabi, work, restorations, acquired works).


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