Paris, City of life

Feel Paris: City of Light, many travellers’ thoughts will turn to Paris. Whether you’re planning a long holiday or just a weekend mini-break, there are hundreds of ways to enjoy Paris.  Visually, Paris has a grace and elegance all its own with its wide, leafy boulevards and splendid architecture – and, despite this being a capital city, the pace of life remains relaxed and decidedly French. In Paris it’s all about the senses.   See the twinkling lights of landmarks from the top of the Eiffel Tower at dusk; kick off your shoes and feel cool grass underfoot in the jardins publics; listen to live music in a jazz bar; browse flea markets and luxury department stores; savour gourmet cuisine, or simply linger over coffee and croissants in a street-side café and watch the world go by.     

Palaces of Paris