Fashion and decoration
Hashenka, Venise au Coeur d'Orléans [Hashenka, Venice in the centre of Orléans] - 1 bis, rue de la Cerche
Jewellery and glass objects are made one by one using the heat of a blowlamp, with the same know-how as in the Middle Ages, when Venetian glass beads where used as currency in all of the countries of the Mediterranean region.
Hashenka works with several craftsmen designers. Every two months the shop is replenished with many new things and especially jewellery which comes from the Venetian peninsula. The shop offers new shapes, styles and colours.
Hashenka is present in Orléans, Vannes as well as in Ghent and Antwerp in Belgium.

Mille Morceaux [a women’s clothing boutique], the kingdom of unique garments - 267 rue de Bourgogne 
La boutique Mille Morceaux [a women’s clothing boutique] groups together women designers:
Crea T'M makes mosaics, decorative lamps and jewellery. Maryline will allow you to discover the fascinating world of mosaics through training courses.
Florence Gossec designs jackets, tops, bags and jewellery.
They are all very keen on colours. All of the boutique’s creations are unique items.

Via Doma - 3 rue du Chariot 45000 Orléans  
Originality and cultural variety, from sofas to curtains, from lights to unique objects, the selection of products and the decoration service will allow you to create an original lifestyle.

One Step: women's fashion which has established itself! - 22 rue Louis Roquet
One Step marvellously blends styles, traditional stripes and its coloured prints to better exude its vision of femininity.
Come and discover the boutique and its new things.

Le Phare de la Baleine [women’s and children’s clothing] - 83 rue Royale
Come and discover the boutique with a pleasant decor and a warm welcome, a stone’s throw from the Place du Martroi. Through its unmistakable models, you will discover the elegance, originality and the quality of the women’s, children’s and babies’ clothing collections and infant care products. Without forgetting the softness of the household linen and decorative objects for your interior or for your holidays.
NEW! From 1 June 2009, come and discover the products of L’Artisan Parfumeur exclusively. Toilet waters and eaux de parfums: “Thé pour un été“, “Mure et musc“, “La chasse aux papillons“, “Premier figuier“, “Fou d'absinthe“, “Timbuktu“, “Patchouli Patch“, “Fleur de liane“ and “Eau d'ambre“. You will be delighted by all of its fragrances of the “Jatmansi” and “Côte d’Amour” ranges!


Arts and handicrafts

Several sites belonging to the city of Chartres are devoted to modern art and accommodate artists for a determined period of time.
Each place that has been put at their disposal is equipped so that each of them can work, exhibit and welcome the public. Free entrance or by appointment.

Atelier rue du massacre [Rue du Massacre Workshop] - 1 rue du massacre
Virginie Boutin, an artist essayist works here.
Open at the weekends from 2 pm.
The workshop is located behind la collégiale St André [Saint André’s Collegiate Church].

Atelier Danièle Casanova [The Danièle Casanova Workshop] - 35, rue Danièle Casanova
Serge Ondoua was chosen to occupy this workshop.
The workshop is open to the public every day from 2 pm to 6 pm or by appointment.

Prieuré Saint-Vincent [Saint Vincent’s Priory] - 12, rue de la Porte Cendreuse
28000 Chartres
Tel. 02 37 90 45 80
Free entrance on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 3 pm to 7pm.

SOS poupée malade [Emergency Doll Repair Service] - 10 rue au Lait
Chartres has a cathedral, beautiful stained-glass windows and many craftsmen, etc.
Let yourself go for a little stroll through the city’s traditional lanes which harbour marvellous little arts and crafts workshops. Maybe you will be surprised to find yourself face to face with a rather unusual shop at the bend of one of them.
It is called SOS poupée malade [the Emergency Doll Repair Service].
Mrs Véronique Derez will welcome you in her doll shop and clinic. Although the shop has been opened recently, "the lady doctor" has spent almost twenty five years taking care of dolls at (la Galerie de Chartres, musée de la poupée à Paris) [the Chartres Gallery and the Museum of Dolls, in Paris]!
With her nimble fingers and the patience of a saint, she provides rejuvenating treatments for old dolls, celluloid baby dolls and dear teddy bears.
Moreover, Véronique's shop offers wigs, clothes, shoes and accessories to dress your baby or doll from head to toe.

Hôtel des ventes [Salesroom]
Galerie de Chartres [Chartres Gallery] (public auctions) - 10, rue Claude Bernard
La Galerie de Chartres [Chartres Gallery] organises international public auctions at the weekend in the former Eglise Sainte-Foy [Sainte-Foy Church] (7, Rue Collin d'Harleville – Chartres) for items such as: furniture, objets d’art, dolls, toys, photographs, etc.
On Tuesdays furniture, trinkets, objects, second-hand goods etc. are put up for sale at l'espace des ventes du Coudray [the Coudray Sales Area].
Details and catalogue  

Antique and second-hand goods dealers: 
Chartres has ten or so antique and second-hand goods dealers who offer a wide range of furniture, paintings, trinkets, objets d'art, etc. They are located on the Boulevard Chasles, the Rue des Changes, the Rue de la Clouterie, the Place Billard, the Place de la Poissonnerie, le Cloître Notre-Dame, [the Cloister of Notre Dame] and the Rue de la Porte Guillaume.

Things to see