Chocolate miracles at French Spas!

Chocolate miracles at French Spas!


In the mountains, chocolate is certainly a miracle product. Used for body-wraps and facemasks to increase wellbeing and absorb stress, it is a true pleasure which smells wonderful. In the CGH Residences, coffee, grapes and chocolate are not only for drinking and eating; they are also used to envelope the body and face. For once, it’s delicious chocolate which you don’t eat. So one can enjoy it completely, and the effects do not go directly to the hips!

Sandrine Davière, the genius behind these spa treatments distributed in the group “Spas & Beauté Montagne”, searched for a long time for the ideal texture for a top rate product.

She uses 95% pure cocoa for the wrapping. It softens skin, revitalizes the body and activates blood circulation. Its aroma also gives energy and produces endorphins.

The chocolate is applied in three different forms of treatment. The body exfoliation looks like a creamy and smooth chocolate spread, with natural aromas of cocoa and chocolate shavings. Rinsing is compulsory after the treatment and you should not taste it, as it is a cosmetic product. Nevertheless, it’s tempting!

The body wrap is more liquid, and its effects are increased by the electric blanket in which you are wrapped for about twenty minutes. The aromas are powerful and relaxing.

This year, a chocolate anti-wrinkle mask for the face has been introduced. It is “total chocolate”. When not indulging in chocolate treatments, guests can ski and enjoy all the pleasures of the mountains.

Chocolate treatments are proposed in the CGH group hotels and residences, at Tignes Val Claret (3 sites), at Les Saisies, Saint Martin de Belleville, Sainte Foy Tarentaise, the Rosière and Peisey Vallandry.

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