Household linen to suit all tastes!

Household linen to suit all tastes!

Gastronomy, decoration, etc.: the universe of the home occupies a very unique place in French culture. Therefore, it is not surprising to discover a tradition of manufacturing household linen brands that suit all tastes and budgets: top-of-the-range bath towels, linen sheets in a variety of colours, designer tablecloths, etc. The mills, of which some are closely linked to their history and their region, have developed the collections, technical innovations and quality products branded with a French know-how, which have managed to remain classic, fashionable and chic.

“French-style” classic collections Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Lorraine, Alsace, or Midi-Pyrénées have remained historic regions which were behind the development of household linen products. In the past, designs were above all focused on the quality of the fibres used and the manufacturing technique. They were created using simple, refined lines and neutral colours. These classic, historic, traditional and often inexpensive ranges are still to be found in major retail chains. Dependable and “classic”, these products will suit all interiors.
Carré Blanc: a famous brand of products for the bathroom, the kitchen, the table, or the bedroom with plain, embroidered or printed designs.
La Maison d’Ursule presents traditional and modern ranges for the table, the bathroom or the bedroom.
Liou: a brand of elegant bed linen, decorated with a ribbon.
Les Saisons du Blanc offers inexpensive and cheerful collections for the bedroom and the bathroom.
Forever specializes in embroidered white linen.
Jalla the creator of towelling linen and Descamps, remain the specialists in bedroom and bathroom linen.
Becquet: the textile manufacturer of household linen from Northern France offers “classic” and modern collections.

“Trends” and designers for the home Today all the collections have been extended with new designs, that are regularly renewed and given a new look based on current trends. Lines, colours and materials have become very important. To highlight this “fashion” credibility, linen companies are therefore calling on designers or stylists who will modernize their ranges.

hjkRobert le Héros: this brand designs table linen and curtains which can be found in Paris and Toulouse. Its “Pop” or “Chic” collections are inspired by current trends.
Geneviève Lethu, “cheerful and creative” table linen made from Jacquard, decorated with dots, stripes etc. Many sales outlets exist in France and in the French overseas territories.
Sophie de Boissieu: a workshop which designs tablecloths.
Jean Vier: this brand designs Basque household linen and has many shops throughout France.
Vivaraise, a household linen brand with designs which have an “exotic” theme, combining “colours, blends and materials”. It is present in more than 400 sales outlets in France.
Marinette Saint Tropez: the brand was established 40 years ago. Its creations are presented in several of its shops on la Côte d’Azur [the French Riviera].
Sylvie Thiriez is a modern linen company, in the spirit of the textile tradition of Northern France and has many sales outlets.
Esprit: the renowned fashion brand has created a wide variety of original and elegant household linen products.

So chic Luxury goods also play an important part in the universe of household linen. Some companies create tailor-made goods or present top-of-the-range products which are unique due to the technique or materials used to manufacture them. In general these brands have few shops and instead have one or two showrooms where it is possible to come and view the products.
Pierre Frey also represents the famous brand Boussac. This company with its showroom covering 800m² situated in the centre of Paris, creates top-of-the range floral print and coloured fabrics and linen.
Noël has been a specialist in embroidered household linen since 1883 and is established in the 16th district of Paris.
Bouchara, the inventor of self-service fabrics has been in business for more than a century and offers a wide range of household linen.
Alexandre Turpault, the top-off-the-range brand of Cholet which is renowned throughout the world, has been creating linen providing “well-being and comfort” since 1847.
Garnier-ThiébautFrette: this brand designs bedroom linen which is supplied to embassies, luxury hotels or royal courts. Historically this company had its origins in Grenoble, and now has shops in Lille, Paris and on the French Riviera.
Eclat de Nuit specializes in bed linen made from silk waste.
Clair Foncé: this brand belongs to the Thévenot family. It has designed bed linen for more than one hundred years.

Parisian department stores

gdPrintemps, the Galeries Lafayette, le Bon Marché, or the BHV … All of the major brands which design household linen can be found in the capital's department stores. (Some of them also have branches in other provincial towns). All kinds of household linen are represented:
for the bathroom, the bedroom, for decorative purposes, the kitchen and the table, from classic styles to the most inspired designs, from the cheapest priced items to top-of-the range products.

Unusual items Where can you find macramé curtains? Would you like to have tablecloths, cushions or curtains that are made-to-measure? Would you like you like to buy a tea towel featuring the label of a vintage wine from Bordeaux? Would you like to personalize your hand towels with your name? Would you like to dry yourself with bathroom linen made by a major brand of rugby clothes? Would you like to offer terry towels presented in the form of a chocolate cake? These are all unusual items! Here are some “offbeat” and creative brands for household linen.
Voildieu specializes in embroidered curtains.
Textilia creates made-to-measure cushions, curtains or tablecloths.
Torchons et Bouchons offers pantry linen with prints that are reminiscent of French heritage (wines, cuisine, the Eiffel Tower, underground tickets, etc.)
Ourson Calin makes personalized hand towels or children’s dressing gowns.
Eden Park : bathroom and bedroom linen featuring the famous rugby players’ brand name.
La Pâtisserie makes hand towels presented in the form of cakes.

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