Special rates and discounts for your next trip to France

Special rates and discounts for your next trip to France

No matter your age or what you plan to do, there are lots of resources for the best and least expensive ways to travel. All you have to do is know how to find them. From transportation to accommodations, here's to your savings!
Transportation:Students (with ID) and travelers under age 26 can get discounts and often reservations made in advance can be less expensive.On the train:Weekend rates, 12-25 year-old discount card (that must be purchased, but you quickly get your money's worth),two-can-travel-for-less packages, and advance-purchase reservations made on the Internet (such as the Prem's offers) can result in cheaper and better-planned travel. The Inter-Rail Europe pass and Eurodomino coupons allow for unlimited travel throughout Europe.
For more info: SNCF : www.sncf.com ; www.idtgv.com et www.tgv.com

SNCF Offres Prem's : www.tgv.com/FR/infos/prems/prems.html
Inter-Rail :  www.europeanrailguide.com ; www.interrailnet.com et www.interrail.com In the US: www.Raileurope.com  

On the Paris Métro: A good way to save on the city's subway and bus system is to buy a carnet a package of 10 tickets that is much cheaper than buying them individually. The Museums and Monuments pass allows for free entrance in more than 70 museums and historical monuments in and around Paris (plus you often get to go through a special entrance and don't have to wait in line).
For more info: RATP (métro) : www.ratp.fr

On the plane: Take advantage of low-cost airlines flying to several airports in France or the last-minute promotions on the Air France web site. Air France also offers Evasion Jeune or à la carte Fréquence Jeune. For more info : Air France : www.airfrance.com
Low-cost companies serving France : www.attitudetravel.com/france/lowcostairlines et

On the road: Car-sharing companies are available in the larger cities. You can know your exact route, reach isolated destinations and save some money, all while crossing the country with someone to keep you company. The big bus companies offer passes that are very worthwhile. For more info : Car sharing companies : www.123envoiture.com ; www.covoiturage.com ;www.ecotrajet.com ; www.covoiturage-france.fr ; www.carstops.org ; http://covoiturage.servauto.org
Buss companies Eurolines : www.eurolines.fr ; Intercars : www.intercars.fr

Accommodations: a good price for everyone

In youth hostels: This popular type of stay is the one of the most economic ways to travel. You must have an International Youth Hostel membership card from your home country that is also useful for other discounts too. There are also other hostel-style establishements such as the International Welcome Centers (CIS), and Ethic Etaps For more info: International
Youth Hostels: http://www.hihostels.com  
FUAJ : www.fuaj.org
CIS : www.ucrif.asso.fr/f/centres/
Ethic Etapes : www.ethic-etapes.fr  

In budget hotels :  If you are on a tight budget, Formule1, Etap, Balladins and Akena are some of the hotels that offer an inexpensive room. For more info: Hôtels Formule1 : www.hotelformule1.com
Etap Hôtels : www.etaphotel.com
Hôtels Balladins : www.balladins.com
Hôtels Akena : www.hotels-akena.com

In Bed and Breakfasts: Known as chambres d'hôtes, you can find lodging where you will be welcomed by your host, have a charming stay at a good price, and get helpful advice about the area--all with breakfast included. A gîte is usually in a rural area where you stay in a separate accommodation on the owner's property. For more info:
Alcôves&Agapes : www.bed-and-breakfast-in-paris.com (Paris)
Likhom : www.likhom.com
Chambres en France : www.chambres-en-france.com
Gîtes de France : www.gites-de-france.fr/fr/index.htm
Bed&Breakfast France : www.bedbreak.com  

Restaurants: French food at good prices. The budget-minded looked for good food should check out the fresh fruit and vegetable markets, the bakeries/pastry shops or boulangeries/pâtisseries with good breads and pasteries or a ham-butter sandwich (a popular treat in France) as wells as crêperies. All offer a generous amount at a good price. For some fast food the Quick chain is popular.
For more info: Restaurants Quick : www.quick-restaurants.com

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