Rendez-vous in Embrun

  • View of Embrun

    © Wikimedia Commons / BACQUETJP

    View of Embrun

    © Wikimedia Commons / BACQUETJP

  • "Porche des Lions" in Embrun

    © Wikimedia Commons / Greudin

    "Porche des Lions" in Embrun

    © Wikimedia Commons / Greudin

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Located in a geographically transitional zone, formed by the valley of the Durance on one side, and surrounding areas rising to elevations near 3000m, Embrun (870m), has a climate among the driest and sunniest of the Alps. This is the reason why it is rightly nicknamed the "Nice of the Alps", due to its temperate climate. Embrun is also surrounded by mountains, and unspoiled nature.

The town is included in the peripheral zone of Ecrins National Park, with fully equipped ski stations such as Les Orres, Vars-Risoul, Reallon Crévoux.

Embrun was the capital of the Alps during the Roman Empire, as an Ecclesiastical metropolis, it was the seat of a bishopric since the 4th century with Saint Marcellin, then Archbishop until the French Revolution. Later in the 17th century, it became a military town, fortified by Vauban.

The Embrunais (people of Embrun) are also known for their love for food, as there are numerous local products to enjoy.

Not to miss in Embrun

  • Notre Dame du Réal Cathedral (12th and 13th centuries)
  • The Chanonges house (canons)
  • The Brown Embrun Tour, a square donjon of the 12th century, the only remnant of the medieval wall
  • The Archdiocese garden and the Archbishop walk, belvedere on the Durance waters and the surroundings of Embrun
  • The lake, fed by the waters of the Durance, at the entrance of Serre-Ponçon Lake
  • Abbey Boscodon (12th century), near Embrun
  • The Embrun internment camp 1940 - 1944

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