Rendez-vous in Saumur

  • © Christophe Petiteau

    © Christophe Petiteau

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    © Alain Laurioux

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    © Dominique Drouet

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    © Richard Garratt

Rendez-vous in Saumur 49400 SAUMUR fr

Are you into ancient history?
Open yours eyes and enjoy the abundance of treasures in and around Saumur: castles, abbeys, churches, towns and villages.

Or are you more interested in natural history?
Then discover this giant water mirror that reflects beauty for nearly 30km (~18.5 miles), the Loire River.

Are you more of a mystery seeker?
There are caves, troglodytes (cave formations), and more. There's a real beauty and alluring treasure to discover right under your feet.

Or do you prefer equestrian activities?
In Saumur, the equestrian capital, signs are posted everywhere with the famous Cadre Noir, so come and get involved!

This is a destination that will delight all your senses.

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