Alpes-Mont Blanc: ART at the Summit

From December 10, 2016 to April 17, 2017
  • Telecab akhine

    © Heloise Guillet (BE RP)

    Telecab akhine

    © Heloise Guillet (BE RP)

  • Jonone

    © Heloise Guillet


    © Heloise Guillet

  • Telecab misstic

    © Heloise Guillet

    Telecab misstic

    © Heloise Guillet

Alpes-Mont Blanc: ART at the Summit 73120 Courchevel fr

There's been an avalanche of street artists in Courchevel! This winter, for the 8th edition of "L'Art au Sommet," the city of Courchevel and the Galeries Bartoux bring together the best graffiti and urban street artists in the world. 

From December 10, 2016 to April 17, 2017, with friends or with family, meet masters of graffiti and emperors of street culture for this unique and one-of-a-kind exhibit. The visual difference between the immaculate white snow and the vibvrant colors of the graffiti may be surprising, but more than ever, Street Art is the movement that resonates the most with society today: the movement of the Rebellion and of Liberty. 

Graffiti is everywhere, but not like this

Artist Julien Marinetti has brought graffiti, street art, and "giant animals" on to the ski pistes. Courchevel and the Galeries Bartoux aren't done making us daydream and creating magical moments.

On the slopes, you'll also be able to discover monumental works and meet Marinetti's high-altitude bulldogs, pandas, and penguin colonies. 

Skiiers will be surprised all the way down the mountain, with frequent temptations to stop and snap a picture. All the works are hoisted up via helicopter. 

In the streets of the ski town, you'll be able to discover more life-size exhibits, live performance artists, and mailbox graffiti. 

Finally, while waiting for the slopes, you can travel in pods and cabins tagged by the biggest names in street art of our time, some of whom are pioneers of the movement: Seen, Copé 2, JonOne, Noé Two, Gully, Akhnine, Miss Tic, and more. 

A Movement of Liberty

A movement of Liberty? We're already inspired in the street - our sneakers and our style doesn't lie. We try to seem cool and relaxed in the Street Art style, and we take on their codes. 

Like the Pop Art Culture of the twentieth century, artistic movements can also be felt in our daily lives. Today, Street Art is the only artistic movement since Pop Art that can be found in museums. 

We study the messages of these rebellious artists, full of color and meaning, that pierce the walls in the hearts of our cities. 

Visitors can thus stride along the streets and the slopes of Courchevel, projecting themselves into another ambiance, that of New York City in the 1980s. 

Open your eyes! Such an exhibit assembling so many internationally renowned artists has never happened before, and it's at Courchevel that you can see them all together. 


Galeries BARTOUX
Galerie Courchevel Alpage III
Espace Diamant
73120 Courchevel 1850


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