Alterarosa, flower festival - Avignon

May 08, 2017
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Alterarosa, flower festival - Avignon Place du Palais 84000 Avignon fr

(Dates to be confirmed)

Avignon in flowers. The weekend of May 8 invites you to discover many varieties of roses, the most romantic of flowers, at the Palais des Papes in Avignon. At the heart of the Benedict XII cloister, more than 2,000 rose bushes will be exhibited. Besides this exhibition, lectures, demonstrations, floral art workshops for children and adults are on the program.

The birth of a project

This is in reference to Altera Roma (other Roma) that was born the Alterarosa project in Avignon.

The desire of Avignon Tourisme and the Institut Jardiland to celebrate the rose in an unprecedented way, notably by unveiling the ingredients that lead to the creation of new flowers each year, allowed the creation of this event in 2004. The Company Of roses offered its support from the beginning. Become in more than 10 years one of the most important floral manifestations of France, this festival of flowers welcomed 20 000 people in 2015.

A weekend of celebration

This year again, the greatest European rosierists come to present their latest creations. And once again, the Prix du Public Alterarosa will honor the most seductive rose among those presented. Visitors present will vote for this award.

But Alterarosa is more than an exhibition of roses more beautiful than the others; On the fringes of this profusion of flowers and scents, visitors are invited to discover other aspects of this flower so dear to all.

This weekend will allow you to discover the secrets to maintain your flowers, through workshops or conferences. Workshops for the preparation of bouquets of flowers for adults or gardeners for the children, but also a workshop of cooking animated by local chefs or confectioners await you. Flower parades and artistic performances are also offered during this weekend.



Avignon Tourisme
6 rue pente rapide Charles Ansidei
84008 Avignon

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