6 of Paris’s most child-friendly attractions

6 of Paris’s most child-friendly attractions

Schlepping from one museum to the next is probably not your kids’ idea of fun, so here’s how to tailor your itinerary to the whole family


1. Disneyland Paris 

Offering an insight into a magical world where, in the end, everyone lives happily ever after, Disneyland Paris (disneylandparis.com) is the most visited theme park in all of Europe.


And it’s not just kids that can enjoy a day out in the fantastical world of make- believe; adults get to step off the hamster wheel and take their minds off the everyday grind, too. Let’s face it, we could all do with a dose of magic once in a while. At Disneyland Paris, there are 15,000 employees to help both young and old immerse themselves in a fantasy world for the day. 


What’s more, the French outpost boasts more detail, advanced rides, fewer crowds, cheaper prices and, overall, a more relaxing park experience than its American counterparts.


2. Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle

If it’s edutainment you’re after, the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (mnhn.fr), created in 1793, has a collection of sites throughout France, but its historic home is in Jardin des Plantes. Of the three museums here, the fourth-floor
Grande Galerie de l’Évolution (grandegaleriedelevolution.fr) is where you should head first if you have kids in tow. Here, an almost lifelike safari unfolds, with life-sized elephants, tigers and rhinos sizing each other up. Imaginative, informative and interactive exhibits on evolution, extinction and global warming – an entire 6,000sqm of them – mean you can give yourself a pat on the back that your offspring’s education is taken care of for the day.


3. Galerie des Enfants

Add on a visit to the Galerie des Enfants (galeriedesenfants.fr), a separate attraction within the building, tailored to children from ages six to 12, and you’ve well and truly earned your parenting gold star.


4. Musée en Herbe

The affluent 16th arrondisement, home to tennis’s famed Roland Garros tournament, football club Paris Saint-Germain, as well as the country’s wealthiest CEOs and celebrities, is also where you’ll find Musée en Herbe (museeenherbe.com), open from 11am-6pm Wednesday to Sunday and until 9pm on Tuesdays. Exhibits at this much-lauded museum are so hands-on that kids have free rein. As if letting your little ones run amok is not enough, there are also workshops, imagination and identification games, as well as art classes.


5. Piscine Pontoise

Paris’s aquatic centres are great places for adults to let off some steam while tiring the children out. Flooded with daylight, at the glass-roofed Piscine Pontoise (en.parisinfo.com/paris-museum-monument/72876/Piscine-Pontoise), sandwiched between Notre Dame Cathedral and the Jardin des Plantes, you can dive into an Olympic-sized art deco pool, while the kids cool off in the smaller pool.


6. Butte-aux-Cailles

If you prefer your eau to be more naturel, then all three of the picturesque indoor-outdoor pools at the Butte-aux-Cailles
(en.parisinfo.com/paris-museum-monument/72885/Piscine-de-la Butte-aux-Cailles) complex are fed by an underground spring. Opened in 1924, it is now a listed monument in Paris.


Source: Condé Nast Traveller Middle East



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