Darja Richter, queen of lace

Darja Richter, queen of lace 40, Rue d'Anjou 78000 Versailles fr

"Lace is the true symbol of femininity and my pieces are as significant as a little black dress—that is, they are fundamental pieces in the modern woman's wardrobe.”

Darja Richter could be seen as the true queen of haute-couture lace in Versailles. This fashion designer developed her international career pursuing her passion: creating clothes and accessories with lace.

German born Darja Richter, a little over forty years old, lives in Versailles where her studio, specializing in hand-made French lace, can also be found. “Versailles was the center for fashion in the 17th and 18th centuries, and it's a place that's known worldwide. For a fashion designer in love with royal fashion, it’s a perfect location," says Darja Richter.


Thanks to this specialized passion, Richter's collections caught the attention of cinema costume designers and she designed one of the dresses worn by the heroine in the film Femme Fatale by American director Brian de Palma.

Her blouses are also worn by celebrities, influential people, artists and businesswomen around the world. Charlotte Rampling is one of the French actresses often spotted in pieces signed by Darja Richter. “I know that some celebrities and famous personalities use my creations, but I'm not very connected to the celebrity world,” she says, changing the subject. 

Her elegant, stylish, original collections also include accessories like scarves, jewelry, brooches, purses, and bolero jackets, among others. Her pieces are considered to be one-of-a-kind works of art.

When asked about her source of inspiration, she replies “It isn't easy to express it in words, because I'm very intuitive. The creative process is very complex and in a way, it's sort of a mystery to know where my ideas come from. Actually, what inspires me is life and women in general.”

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