Edible glasses' Bar in Paris

Edible glasses' Bar in Paris 4, Rue du Bouloi 75001 Paris fr


A bar with edible glasses in Paris



Diners could soon be finishing their meals by swallowing not only the contents of their plates, but also the plates and cutlery themselves, along with the glasses. Wikibar will open in Paris on 25 April and the food and drink in this restaurant will be sold in edible containers.


"People will soon be able to taste things in a fun atmosphere based on the idea of a ‘shot’: a Piña Colada served in a coconut membrane, a Pastis presented in a mint capsule, or an Irish Coffee which is kept hot in an edible skin flavoured with maple syprup."


Small temporary eateries called "pop-up bars" will also start appearing soon to allow as many people as possible to try these quirky innovations. 


This year, consumers will be able to find a range of foodstuffs and drinks presented in edible packaging, or "wikicells", in their supermarkets.  Ice-cream, yoghurt and various cocktails will be sold in small edible shells, making them easy and simple to swallow. 


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