La Villa Haussman has opened its doors

La Villa Haussman has opened its doors

La Villa Haussmann has made its debut in Paris’s charming right bank hotel scene mid-December 2016. Signed “Essence of Paris,” this new five-star hotel in the 8th arrondissement aims to offer a rare experience: all of Paris in a single venue.
It stands erect at the very heart of the capital, down the street from the Arc de Triomphe, as a new figurehead of Parisian life. Its extraordinary location and prestigious architecture make it the iconic venue of Haussmannian Paris, combining history and fashion, comfort and elegance, tradition and modernity.
By expressing these typically Parisian contrasts, La Villa Haussmann, located at number 132 on the boulevard of the same name, revisits the style of the Second French Empire by uncovering its prevailing modernity, yet with no nostalgia.
What could be more natural for a hotel that benevolently overlooks the imposing statue of Baron Haussmann?
Like the other hotels of the SFH Group (Style/Feeling/Hotels), La Villa Haussmann meets very demanding specifications that make it more a “creator of memories” than just a hotel: an exceptional location, an intimate and family atmosphere and a multi-sensory approach.


The starting point of interior designer Patrick Ribes was to “begin with the very essence of Napoleon III style, the singularities of the Second French Empire and its art of living, which is similar to today’s society in certain respects, in order to create a hotel with a contemporary atmosphere dotted with historical references in a reinterpreted and revisited style.
The materials, play with mirrors, black lacquer and ash-colored leather manipulate the space and erase the volumes. The surfaces, dark in the passageways and very light in the rooms, add to the elegantly contemporary atmosphere.
The theatrical and colorful staging with period, or revisited, tableaux and accessories reminiscent of Parisian life during the Second French Empire contrast with this modernity.
A sofa with very contemporary lines and a “Wersailles” chandelier made of Limoges porcelain that seems to float in the air can be admired in the lobby.
Our restaurant and lounge bar, the N3, has been furnished with retro and colorful chairs. The see-through wine cellar also adds to the depth and shiny effect at the very center of the room.
In the rooms, the padded armchairs implement the color of the headboard: blue, fuchsia or gold. The carpet was specially created for La Villa Haussmann and is a transposition of white vintage parsley lace on a black background. It is a reminder of the glamor of this festive era.

La Villa Haussman
132 Boulevard Haussman
75008 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)1 42 65 29 29

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